The Confucian philosophy, poetry, and history. He met the

The author of my poem is Du Fu (??), a famous poet from the Tang Dynasty of China. He is hailed as one of the greatest poets of all Chinese history, along with others such as Li Bai, Su Shi, et cetera. Du Fu was born at 712 AD, and died at around 770 AD. He has written over 1500 poems, and he lived through the infamous An Lushan Rebellion. His aunt raised him, and he had four half-siblings that he frequently mentioned in his poems. Du Fu studied Confucian philosophy, poetry, and history. He met the prominent poet Li Bai during 744, and they formed a friendship. Then, he took the civil service exam to attain a government position, but was failed by the prime minister along with all other candidates in fear of a power struggle. A lung disease, increasing famine, and floods in the area forced Du Fu to move his family of five. Soon after, the An Lushan rebellion happened, and war ravaged China for eight years. The time period enabled Du Fu to fully expand his poetic potential, and write about the displeasures and hardships of war. When the city of Luoyang was recovered by governmental forces, he sailed down the Yangtze river with his family for several months, before dying on ship at the Hunan province. My group topic main theme is famine. Du Fu lived through the An Lushan rebellion, suffering through long period of hunger and lack of money or resources. One of his children died at infancy, and he often broods in his poems of the many terrible events that he lived through. Du Fu wrote about seeing his neighbors being forcibly drafted, families weeping over the death of a son, and children dying of starvation. My selected poem, “Spring Night Rain”, was written to reminisce the time before the rebellion, before the peasants started to fight against the empire’s military. The poem references the city of Chengdu, where he visited when he was a young man. Its peaceful tone about the spring night is soothing and placid.