The concept is a big hit with the sole


research entitled “A study on consumer perception towards shopping mall “With
special reference to HILITE MALL CALICUT. Is conducted to understand the
satisfaction level of consumer. The study takes samples of 50 Respondents

concept of shopping mall is not new in Kerala. The number of shopping malls in Kerala
is growing day by day. It is a fact that the arrival of shopping malls in a
city promises to transform the shopping and recreation activities of the
customers. Therefore, many companies and individuals are investing a large
amount of money to design and create malls in terms of providing the benefits
of shopping and the access of consumers’ to global brands. Today, the
cut-throat competition among the shopping malls has gone beyond bound with the
speed of time. For this reason, the developers and stakeholders of shopping
malls as well as the retailers need to understand the consumer’s perception
towards shopping malls.

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days, the developers are inventing new strategies in order to reach a new style
inside shopping mall. They are adding up restaurants, cinema halls and game
zones to attract the different types of customers having varying tastes and
preferences. So, the main purpose of this study is to provide some understandings
about the variables that affect customers’ attitude and also the importance of
each variable for helping developers to formulate and implement suitable
strategies that will be beneficial both for the customers and developers

purchasing power is the main factor, which determines their buying behaviour
and brand of shopping malls. Shopping malls are the best places for fun &
entertainment, family outing, shopping and eating’s. In shopping malls age
factor is also one of the dominant factors in daily footfall.

shopping mall concept is a big hit with the sole purpose to provide everything
under the sun under one roof or in one big complex. It also heralded in a new
urbanization concept where everything was taken to the consumer in his comfort
zone, Customers state that malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets are well
organized and that there are no quality issues, the range of choices and
value-for-money deals make them happy, the ambience is good, there are better
deals across categories with more choices and they get everything under one
roof and they get good deals on bulk buying and at the same there is more
variety. Organized retail chain and mall stores are mushrooming in all major
cities and towns of India.

malls are an emerging trend in the global arena. The first thing that comes in
our mind about the shopping malls is that it is a big enclosed building
housing a variety of shops or products. According to historical evidences
shopping malls came