The completion time by at least 26weeks from the

The work assignment was assigned to OPEX department by Power Transmission and Distribution–Middle-East top management to develop new strategies in project execution to reduce project completion time by at least 26weeks from the current state and also to optimise material cost by 5 – 10%. This will help the organisation to capture larger international market share in power construction.

CE2.2.4 PT&D Middle-East business head wanted to position L&T Company in front of the client as EPC contractor with high potential and extra caliber to complete 10 substation projects in a year. Initially, L&T used to construct 7- 8 substation per year. Further, to achieve the target of 10 substations to be completed per year and also to take high volume projects in future, PT&D Middle-East head, had invited operational excellence department to work on following parameters:

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Streamline entire engineering process flow to Reduce project delivery timeline by 26weeks and
Minimize project consumable material cost by 5 to 10%

I was selected by Operational Excellence department head to lead this program based on my in-depth knowledge of power transmission and distribution construction. Major expectations were:

To Increase PT&D business revenue and
To improve the business profitability

CE2.2.5 My project tasks were as stated below:

·         Led and managed operational excellence assignment to streamline entire engineering/business process.

·         Leveraged lean methodology combined with the problem – solving tools as a key strategy to deliver cost and responsiveness goals.

·         Assessed current state of business process efficiency & performance and identified improvements opportunities.

·         Formulated business cases and charters and established financial and non-financial goals.

·         Conducted idea generation workshop with cross-functional departments to generate solutions.

·         Managed people and team to deliver top management expectation.

·         Implemented mechanization initiatives by investing in CapEx items.

·         Analyzed and scrutinized “As-Is” productivity data for civil structure construction, electrical and HVAC equipment installation and MEP works.

·         Improved business working capital requirements by restructuring Design, SCM, execution and inventory policies.

·         Organized war room concept at project site office where the cross-functional team gathers to solve critical problems.  

·         Prepared project plan and budget to complete Opex assignment.

·         Contacted multiple vendors to organize an on-site demonstration of advanced tools and techniques.

·         Organized workshop to coach project team on new initiatives.

·         Established relationship with external consultants and industry experts to keep track on new advanced technologies

·         Developed proprietary knowledge material on Turnkey execution excellence to strengthen firm’s competitive positioning