The common things that they do. Since the very

 The television is one of the
most significant inventions that was made during the 20th century that has
changed people’s lives. Since 1880 many experiments were made to create this
device but it was only after 1928 that things started getting more serious
because of a vast improvement in technology(Hints,2011). The first world
broadcast was transmitted in America in 1939 even though at that time
television was not used that much. During the years of the 2nd world war,
television became popular since people were curious to know all the latest news
about the war. Nowadays many changes have occurred since that time, not only in
the shape and characteristics of innovative TV’s but even on the programs that
are transmitted.

It’s obviously hard to find similarities between 2 televisions from
different ages but, there are some common things that they do. Since the very
first-time television had the important role to inform and entertain all the
viewers so that they could feel less lonely and at the same time assimilate
much information on a variety of topics (Rumana, 2016). Who created television
aspired to make as many people possible watch it so all the channels were
divided into different categories, based on interests. The channels with most
view were the informative one with the latest news.

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The television that we watch today is the final result of many processes
made during the past years. In the old time, television projected black and
white images on optical screens and there was not a great variety of channels
to pick(Leopold,2007). At that time, the remote control was not invented yet,
so people had to go in front of the TV to switch channels. To change the
channel, they had to spin a device called the “channel wheel “. The most
significant contrast between the old televisions and the new ones is LCD and
LED. Both televisions take advantage of the use of liquid crystal display but
LCD’s used to work on the basis of cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs)

whereas LEDs function by using the conglomeration of effective light
emitting diodes to brighten the screen. Nowadays the television is one of the
most important components of a house. In a modern house, there are at least 2
televisions that have the capacity to project hundreds of channels and do many
other things such as play video games, listen to music and surf the internet
etc.  Due to all these new
characteristics that the television has made during the past years, people,
especially the young generations, spend a lot of time facing the screen. Many
studies affirmed that spending too much time in front of the TV during
childhood can determine a kid verbal and mental ability. Behaviorally,
significantly more adverse impacts may exist even though it is difficult to
demonstrate, many issues related to health and mental abilities may be the
cause of spending many hours in front of a TV(DouglasFields,2016). If we try to
compare Television style in the past and in the present, we will see some
evident differences. The first television that has been created was known as
“Idiot box”. It was called Box because of the shape they had on the back of the
screen where the antenna was seated and idiot because of the bad addictive
influence it had on who was watching it(Leopold,2007). Today’s television is
way thinner so there is the possibility to hang it on the wall and the antenna
has disappeared. We can clearly see that technology in just 20 years has
changed people’s life mostly the younger generation. Before kids used to stay
out of the house playing all day long with their friends but now, they just
want to stay home watching TV or using other devices that can connect them with
the rest of the world. For this reason, in the future, they will feel outsiders
from the real world.

When we think about television we must understand the power of this
device. In the past year, television technology has developed more than
expected to make many steps forward by creating a perfect television viewing
with HD, 3D, leds, home theatre and many other things. Television can be
something amazing that can make our life better but at the same time can ruin
it. Just one device can make you feel less lonely and expand your mind letting
you have a higher knowledge on many topics but at the same time. Back in the
day’s people used to watch television for a short time where they could’ve get
all the information they needed and then that was it. Nowadays most of the
people spend hours and hours in front of the television and this is a big issue
because on a long time run they will end up being marginalized in
society(Rumana,2016). In the modern era, people should take advantage of all
the innovative things that were made but not misuse them.