The challenges and problems addressed by organizational behavior Essay

The organisational behaviour is the analysing the environment in different position to happen the policies to do the house convenient in its concern. To border different policies foremost the organisation needs to analyse the factors that are impacting it, from inside every bit good as from the outside beginnings.The organisation can be considered as the aggregation of single or the aggregation of groups or it can besides be considered as a whole thing as organisation. So to happen out the jobs faced by the organisation we need to happen out the jobs that an single face in the organisation every bit good as the jobs faced by the groups in the organisation.

At last we need to happen out the jobs that are faced by the industry as the whole. Organization behaviour can besides be defined as the manner in which the organisation solves its jobs from its environment.Challenges for the organisational behaviour and the direction:The direction is defined as the procedure of be aftering the thoughts, forming those thoughts to do it applicable, taking the using procedure with motive and encouragement and commanding all the procedure.Challenges:There major challenge the organisation face is the alteration in the market, and alteration in the environment in which the organisation is shacking on.information engineering:Tonss of companies have been migrated from the traditional manner of treating the information to digital manner of treating the information with the high use of the package. This package is used to pull off all the content efficaciously and expeditiously. The information engineering provided new ways to do the communicating within the people in the organisation and to the flow of information across the house.

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For the creativeness the consequence of the analyzed information from the system is utile.Wayss to increase the public presentation:Reengineering: it is the procedure of change of the bing flow of control in the procedure to make it as a new manner of processing. It is used because it need non desire us to make from the starting of the procedure. It is merely the alteration of the procedure it makes it more effectual and efficient. It saves most of the resources.Restructuring: it is the procedure of altering the construction of the house. Like adding a needed new section or altering the section or taking the section to cut the cost of that unwanted section.

Outsourcing: providing works to the individuals outside the organisation. Those who take attention of the other care and supportive plants for our mission.2 ) Pull offing the human resource:The human resources are considered to be the priceless plus that is associated with the house. So they have to be provided with all the necessary things in demand. The policies and the codification of behavior should be in favour of the people and it should besides cover with the aims of the house.3 ) Organizational moralss and good being:The organisation should face to the unsaid regulations, carry oning codifications and other characteristics to maintain the value of the person, squad and the organisation high. The well being of the persons and the organisation is dependent on each other.

Hence the behaviors of the people in the organisation should reflect this thought in their head. The value of organisation besides depends on the societal duty the organisation is demoing. They should hold the policies towards protecting the environment. They should hold got it implemented in their companies.

Individual behaviour and theories:Adaptation:Some of the persons are from the distinguishable location of the state in which there is no mark of the civilization of the metropoliss. But most of the organisations have its location and working topographic point in the metropoliss. For the individual who is new to the civilization and the professional environment will experience uneven to suit into that state of affairs. So the on the job civilization should be in order to accept all the sorts of people from assorted location and assorted civilizations.

The colleagues and the directors have to be really friendly to that sort of individual until they remove all kinds of shyness and vacillation to alter to the current environment. But most of the people are non acquiring those sorts of things.Lack of preparation:There occurs a immense spread between the manner the instruction is and the existent universe industries are.

For that the company should supply the appropriate preparation the persons will be in demand of.Geting into the squad:Some of the squads in the corporate unwelcome the new members into the squad. The persons might experience hard to be with the squad members. So the squad members should be in an inviting mode. They have to supply all the supports to the persons to accommodate themselves to the new state of affairs. Those people will besides be in demand of proficient aid sometimes that have to be provided to that people by the squad members without the vacillation. Most of the new comers will hold tonss of defects in their plants. That has to be eliminated and should supply them with necessary inside informations by the squad members.

The encouragement and the joy should besides be provided by the squad members every bit good as by the directors.Personal ends and organisational ends:Most of the persons in the organisation used to work towards their personal ends. Like for money and their calling growing. Most of them failed to work towards the end specified by the directors. Most of the people are holding more attention into their calling than the way of the organisation in which they will besides travel through.Problems faced by the group or squad:Inter and intra squad struggle:There ever occurs some job within the squad members either due to the personal jobs or due to the official jobs.

None of them should be reflected in the concern procedure. Inter and intra group competition arises some kind of jobs within the people due to covetous and competition. The individuals should non develop this sort of characters in this and they have to appreciate each other for their success and promote them to make more.Cultural differences:Most of the people in the large organisation will non be from same civilization.

Lots of normal life things even vary from individual to individual. So they have to set with all the idiosyncrasy of people. They should non associate people with the faith as a factor.Organizational jobs:Communication jobs:The internal feature of the director and the individuals vary usually. Suppose if the director is a sort of individual who is consecutive frontward.

then the employee will uncomfortable and threatened. Sometimes if the director is excessively friendly so the employees will take advantage of it and free their concentration in their work. Working with different people from different states is truly a large undertaking.

Time fluctuation:For some of the MNCs the clip fluctuation that occurs around the universe states is a job. They can non complete the expected work on expected clip. Due to the fluctuation in the clip the people in the western side will anticipate the individuals working in the eastern portion of the universe every bit shortly as possible or frailty versa. Most of the outsourcing companies in the package industry are in the eastern side like the state India, China.Well, at some clip it acts as the positive factor excessively. The individuals in the company can work entire 24 hours of a twenty-four hours. It will supply the chance for the package companies to divide the work and do it around the universe and recombine at a individual workplace to do the full merchandise. It is possible utilizing this.

Taking advantage of the clip fluctuation depends on the policies of the house.Customer service:Customer service is one of the factors that will cut down the position of the company in the market. It is the company ‘s duty to supply the best service to the company.

The troughs have to take the duty to develop the employees with all the things that is needed to serve the clients good. The client service should supply all the proficient aid to the people to utilize our merchandise to the full.Technical troubles ;The universe has changed a batch after its visual aspect in the nineteenth century. At the terminal of the 19th the cyberspace has its domination in all the ways into the human life. Besides it took its manner into the selling and industrialisation. Nowadays the cyberspace selling has become a new and efficient manner of selling in which we can acquire 1000000s of clients.

The companies as utilizing the potency of the cyberspace good. Likewise the cyberspace provides the new manner to pass on with the clients every bit good as the providers and stakeholders. But some of the company is still happening it hard to pull off the new epoch of cyberspace.High emphasis for the employees:Lack of direction qualities will take to the inefficient planning and so they have to divide the work among the people in inappropriate mode taking to the jobs in the employees. The employee would hold received more work load in that sort of state of affairss. Lack of planning will take to these sorts of state of affairs. Some of the individuals would hold received incorrect plants from the director.

So the employee will go more emphasis and they can non utilize their natural potency to make the allocated plants. So the people become more stressed and it will impact the entire procedure of the merchandise life rhythm.Some of the companies are non looking into the emphasis degree that an employee can pull off.

They merely maintain on feeding individual with emphasis. Those sorts of policies of the company should be left out. The company should follow the necessary emphasis direction policies to maintain the employee healthy and to the full possible all the clip. It will supply the steadfast really high response it footings of the productiveness.Policies and codification of behavior:Some of the policies of the companies will be against some of the spiritual beliefs. It can non be avoided. The houses should seek to do the policies without conflicting with any other spiritual policies of the individuals.

Else they have to endure from internal jobs.Political jobs:Most of political relations in the universe are corrupted. So the houses have to corrupt to the authorities to do some favours to company. To avoid this sort of errors the company should utilize the needed methods to follow all the Torahs and the conditions of the states. They need to overrule the policies harmonizing to their demand.

Cultural job:Some of the houses had immense loss in the execution of same procedure in the different states. The Walt Disney is one of the best illustrations for this. They did n’t analyse the belongings and civilization of the Europe when they had implemented the subject park in the Paris. They have n’t analyzed the civilization and mentality of people good at that place. They think that the successful execution of the subject park in the United States and in Japan will helpful for them in implementing the same in Paris. Paris is the metropolis that is easy accessible from all the portion of the Europe.The Europeans do n’t hold the wont of taking the breakfast as per the analysis of the Walt Disney company representatives. But what happened was there were a immense figure of individuals waiting in the hotels placed around the Walt Disney subject park for the breakfast.

Their lunch clip was assumed to be at 2 p.m in the afternoon. But opposing the thought of the Walt Disney representatives the people were waiting for the tiffin by 12 midday itself.The subject park had tonss of investing from the Walt Disney Company with the idea of characters of European people. But most of them did n’t turn in. the European used to see the subject park for one or two yearss. But the house was anticipating them to remain at that place for a hebdomad or more.

Most of the visitants to the subject park were the Americans who were populating in the European states. Most of the outlook went incorrectly in this subject park execution. Even the workers in the subject park left the subject park due to some factors. It leads to high loss to the house. After some old ages they can pull off all the jobs in the France and come over the jobs they have faced.Theories based on the organisational behaviour:Classical theory is the combination of the scientific theory, bureaucratic theory and administrative theory.

The classical theory was admired in the twelvemonth of starting of the nineteenth century that is considered to be the period in which the industrial revolution taken topographic point. Get downing with the Taylors theory in which he gave more importance to the production that the rights of the people. Deems taylors attack was successful to some extent but it is non applicable to all the concern at all the clip. At the terminal, the Taylors theory was expanded to some extent in which the theory chiefly focuses on the line of control and the authorization.This theory was defined by the Weber called as the bureaucratic theory.

It emphasizes the equal and right distribution of the power within the organisation. The regulations and ordinance are made in this theory which defines the perfect line between the labour and the direction. So the flow of the things will be perfect order. This sort of process in which there is set of regulations occur can ease the things and there will be stableness in the procedure of direction. That is really much required for the modern direction systems.The worlds are considered to be the set of nodes in the webs of direction. To link them absolutely this set of regulations are needed to do the flawlessness.

After that in the twelvemonth of 1930 ‘s there came the administrative theory in which the individual formulated that theory tried to use the same rules to all the organisations. That is the manner in which they think to explicate this theory. Most of the classical theory aimed at actuating the people to increase the production with the economic wagess. The classical direction theory seems to be really stiff. It is non acceptable to the modern industrial universe.Neoclassic theory:The jobs associated with the classical theory is it rigidness. Most of the rules of the classical theory are non giving importance to the value of the homo. It does n’t look into the single growing and benefits of the employees.

To get the better of this job with the classical theories so arouse the neoclassical theory.In the late twelvemonth of the 1920 the theory of wart theory was introduced in which it states that any alteration that was made to the industry will hold a positive impact to the company. There will be noticeable addition in the productiveness of the house. The attack to the employees should be in they manner of friendly and non in the baleful manner. So the employees will experience free to come up with their ain thoughts to increase the productiveness.Limited reason theorem was proposed by the Simon in the twelvemonth of 1945 saying that the workers could react to the managerial act and determinations erratically. All the above said theories have tried to command the state of affairs and the environment in which the workers and the house were.

Contingency theory:Harmonizing to the theory of the eventuality the state of affairs which is tough should non be avoided instead it should be managed by the directors. The classical and the neoclassical theories see the struggles and the job that should be avoided. But the eventuality sees it in the different position to get the better of the job by pull offing it and seeking to change over the negative state of affairss and environments into the positive 1.

Chandler used major four organisations in the United States to see how those organisations are altering and managing to the new environments and the state of affairss. Those organisations act largely in the additive, rational, consecutive manner to accommodate to the altering state of affairss and the environments. This is one of the simple and easy ways to accommodate to the alterations as per the consequence of his analysis. The alteration in the market is the natural and the frequent thing that used to go on from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. So overcome all these jobs the direction should seek a manner to pull off those jobs instead than avoiding those jobs. Avoiding those jobs will take them to the state of affairs in which sometime they can non avoid every bit good as manage the things.Lawrence and the losch decided from their analysis that the organisation should supply all the necessary governments to the directors in the all the section of the house to take the necessary determinations from clip to clip. So that each single director can take their ain determination at the right clip and so they are non in the state of affairs to wait till the determinations in the higher authorization.

This alteration will supply the ways to analyse the section separately and the public presentation of each of the troughs in the several section. Likewise the potency of the directors could be used efficaciously and expeditiously without the intercession of the higher functionaries and governments.Systems theory in the direction was proposed by the Scot and the ksat in the twelvemonth of 1972. Most of the houses are non utilizing their rules until recent yearss. Harmonizing to this system the organisation should be viewed as the system in which all the sections are interrelated to each other.

So the impact that has been made in one section will automatically do some alteration in the other section as good. The houses are considered to be in the province of dynamic equilibrium they keep on altering to the altering environment. So it is better non to be stable in the manner of holding the house without any alteration.

The environment and the state of affairs will do the house to move harmonizing to its ways. So it is better to do the alteration without holding any job. The house should be viewed as the unfastened system.

Senge in the twelvemonth of 1990 describe the system as the manner to recognize the consequence of our execution of procedure to the alterations. Most of the connexions in the house are not linearly dependent on each other. Some of the alterations in the 1 variable will do less consequence in another variable. Vice versa holds the truth. To see the affect of the alterations made by us, we need a system to take attention of it.Case survey of organisational behaviour: Apple IncApple in one of the computing machine fabrication house that is doing tonss of alterations in its companies due to the consequence of environment in its company merchandises. The organisational behaviour and the organisational civilization in the apple have changed to noticeable degree.

The growing of the organisation is enormous and the directors found that the state of affairs of apple Inc is out of their ain control itself. So they took some steps to maintain the organisation within their control. To avoid the bankruptcy the apple has made few alterations to the organisational behaviour and the organisational construction. In order to remain competitory on the market in its operation and fiscal methods they are doing a immense Reconstruction in its organisational construction.Organizational civilization:The determinations in the apple were made by the individuals in the low degree. The civilization in the apple is that to get down to new undertaking or a new thought the employee need non wait for a long clip they can travel with their plants by taking determination from themselves. The apple thinks that the employee need non hold to coerce in all the little actions done by them.

This is the policy made by the higher functionaries of the apple. The employees in the apple are free to travel their thoughts. Due to this the speedy response the company can come up with the new thoughts. This avoid the long waiting clip for the employees to acquire the permissions from the higher functionaries and the processing clip.Organizational construction in apple:The apple was the most several and a company that feels more responsible to the alterations occur in the market.

Most of the determination is done by the people in the apple. The organisational construction of the apple is non existent. The determination devising and the responsive of the whole company is on the footing of the determination devising and the reactivity. The things which stand as the positive mark for the growing of the apple has besides took us to the downside of the hills.

The apple was non able to command the disbursement and the buying of the things for which the determinations had been made by individuals someplace in the organisation. Most of the determination is non from the higher positioned people. Any people can take the determinations suitably.

So at that place arouse the fiscal job for the apple in the recent yearss. But which the apple could happen out and do the policies to get the better of that incubuss. It becomes hard for the corporation to track the topographic point from which the determination rose.Personal traits:The personality of the individual is defines as the manner in which a individual behaves in the populace and every bit good within himself. Some of the individuals are good to the populace but still holding some barbarous characters inside.

The best trait of the people is being rather, aggressive and with high attitude. Some of the personalities of tee people are non decided by any factor other than the environment. Most of the characters in a individual have evolved by seeing the environment. So to hold the best and pure character the house should develop the needful environment for him. That is of import most of the times.Most of the personal characters are to alter the state of affairs or the environment that is convenient and favourable for them.

Some of the state of affairs in the house arises in which you can non move harmonizing to your existent character. If suppose you are a individual in the house and if you come across any confidential informations that you are non supposed to cognize, so you can non inform that to the higher functionary or usage that informations for your ain intent in both the instances.You will go a also-ran and untrusty individual. If suppose if you handle this job to the director or any of your higher functionary so that individual might believe that you have done it deliberately to acquire good name from the higher functionary.

In that sort of state of affairss the personal character of a individual is the thing that is traveling to make up one’s mind how to respond. Informing the state of affairs happened is a convincing manner and utilizing the information for the ain usage or maintaining that state of affairs is about the nature of that individual.Decision:To the house like the apple which is holding a immense portion in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life of a human. Their merchandises are in the custodies of the most of the grownups presents.

So such an organisation should really high organisational behaviour and theories. Most of the theories in the olden yearss were enforcing their thoughts merely in the manner to increase the productiveness of the house. Subsequently the organisations find the importance of people and their portion in the growing of the house. Subsequently the motive techniques and public presentation analysis techniques everything has its work load in the procedure of happening the potency of the people.With this plans the house was able to happen out the true potency of the people and supply them necessary benefits to maintain them suit for their places and to maintain them in the company. Human resource is subsequently discovered to be the most of import portion of the house.

And schemes and importance have been given to it in the modernised programs. The top down attack of the determination doing powers is utile in some of the house and determination devising from the low degree positioned people is besides utile in some of the house. There can non be any of the general policies for all the organisations as the whole to specify the organisations behaviour.