THE began not caring about going extra miles just


Julia, a focused bubbly young lady full of energy, recently
graduated from the university and was so determined to secure employment or an
internship opportunity in one of the organizations in the city. Having had
first class honors for her Bachelor’s degree, she felt on top of the world and
knew she would make it automatically in the job market. Four months after her
graduation she secured an internship opportunity with one of the organizations she
had been eyeing. Her focus was to work hard live the life she always desired.
Her pay wasn’t much and this was the beginning of her problems that would see
her out of the company. Julia had friends who could tell her there was no point
of working hard for people who don’t value her work hence the little pay. After
a few months of good work and praises here and there, she began not caring
about going extra miles just to achieve her goals in the company. Julia could
be literally pushed to do things she was able to do on her own. Some of her
friends would even advise her not to make any effort at all and Julia listened.
Poor performance, lateness to work, complains became her norm.

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Julia let the complicated relationship she had with her then
boyfriend take a toll on her, and that became her focus. Those became her
priority and she forgot about work. She had no plan, no focus and was just
living each and every day as it came. Her seniors couldn’t take it anymore and
she was shown the do. That is when she realized what she had lost and her life

Everyone has dreams and goals, that kind of life they aspire
to have and live. However, not everyone can achieve these goals and make those
dreams come to reality. This is because many of us have let our limits hold us
back. When we encounter our personal limits, we feel resistance hence this
makes everything harder to accomplish. Many of us are unable to hold on when we
find ourselves in such situations and we easily give up. We need to be
self-driven individuals who can push beyond limits. The physical inability, the
doubt, the fear or a negative past should never hold us back and in order to
achieve this we have to adjust our mindset to that of a self-driven individual.

Here is how to push beyond your limits and achieve your
biggest goals.

Adjust your mindset


The mind is
the greatest weapon in our personal caches. It is capable of any thought hence
can help us to accomplish anything we want. For many, it convinces them to quit
when the path gets too challenging. Our minds instinctively protect us.
Therefore, when we face imminent hardship, the first response is to give up. If
you become used to accepting this, you will become a quitter. If done
regularly, this can create a limit and keep you within it. To achieve your
goals, you have to overcome the desire to give up. This can be accomplished by
looking up to someone whose resilience you admire such as your role model, your
parents or your mentor. Watch how they overcome the desire to give up. Then you
can visualize yourself doing the same every time that you face difficulty and
feel like giving up. You will find yourself holding on for longer, training
your mind to become more optimistic and eventually become strong enough to
overcome your limits. Once you’ve adjusted your mindset, benchmark your goals to
someone you respect and look up to then focus on doing your best to achieve
those goals to your level best .

Set your career ambition early and be clear on what success
looks like to you

Having a clear
vision of the end state you are trying to achieve before you take action to
reach your goals is the key factor in accomplishing any goals that you set.  Have a clear mental image of who you will be
in the future? Your vision is a “picture” of what you aspire to – and what
inspires you – in your work life. Articulating your vision statement for your
career is the first step in helping you eventually reach your career goals.

What are the circumstances and strategies you can use to achieve
your goal?

Now that you
know the right way to set your goals, what are some actual strategies for
achieving them? How do you actually follow through with things that we say that
we want? Identify how you are going to work towards achieving your goals. Plan yourself,
create discipline, lessen distractions, create milestones, overcome
procrastinations and then effectively manage your time.

Go for what is unknown to you

Many times we
feel threatened going beyond our comfort zones. The unknown chance of success or
failure makes us fear moving forward since the older we grow the more we desire
safety and security. However in order to succeed we should be risk takers and
go for that which is unknown. Do not stay in that comfort zone

See yourself at the next level

Stay focused.  You need to focus on what you want so as to get motivated
in pursuing your plan despite your imagined limits. Many times, we know where
we have been and where we currently are.  However, we rarely know
exactly where we need to go. Take the time to imagine where you want to be by a
certain time in future. Visualize this every single morning when you get up.
This will motivate you to go out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals.

clarity about your next step                            

 It is essential to have clarity for your goals but you do
not have to see all the way down the path. All you need to see is the next step
or two. To do this, you need to have clear milestones or list of checkpoints.
You also need the tools required to achieve this step. A strict timeline is
also essential for success.  You
need a support system to keep you focused. This is a manageable way to handle a
big dream. Therefore, work to establish a clear plan of action for the next
step and follow up on it. This will help you to gradually overcome your limits
and achieve your goals.



your weaknesses

Once you realize where there are weaknesses there are limits,
you have to face your weaknesses and transform them. We can either turn them
into strengths or eliminate them completely. This is the only way to overcome
our limits and achieve our biggest goals. It is a painful process with lifetime

Identify what
God given gifts you have

Look at those talents you have, the gifts you were naturally
given by God that will enable you achieve your goals and do not let them lay
dormant since they can push you higher.

There are limits that hold us back from reaching our goals and
some of these are, fear, financial constraints, External criticism, the
environment we live in and the situations we go through in life. There are as
well some religious doctrines and beliefs that may impede us from actualizing
our own personal goals. Over dwelling on our past success is another thing that
may leave us thinking we are perfect and leave us with no room for learning
which may lead to terrible failure.

Once we get to know our limits, our fears and every other factor
that prevent us from reaching our goals, there are things we can leverage. We
need to deliberate friends and relationships. Focus on friends and
relationships that add value to your life and can help you reach your goals.
Stay away from bad influence. The kind of influence you want around you will
determine you reaching your goals or failing them. Always learn to sacrifice
your short term goals for long term goals. Always have a plan and prioritize them.
You have to change the context in which you operate under in order to achieve
your personal goals. There is power in positive thinking and positive language.
Always use positive language both internally and externally, gives you positive
vibes and positive energy to keep you pushing against all odds. Know you well,
your strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness is important.

Everything you have ever wanted to have, experience, or become,
the power has and always will be within you, but nothing will happen until you
get and stay motivated and focused to make something happen, to change your
life, achieve your desires and reach your goals.