The be a truly positive, life-changing experience for me;

The opportunity to teach Biology at secondary school would
be a truly positive, life-changing experience for me; it would allow me to
share my genuine enthusiasm for science along with my strong desire to
positively influence children’s lives through the transformative power of
education. I am the only member of my family to go to university and I believe
that a high-quality education has provided me with invaluable opportunities in
life. I would therefore find it extremely rewarding to help facilitate the success
of future generations by providing them with scientific knowledge and skills
needed to be a valued member of the STEM community.

I feel my highly
relevant work experience has provided me with a unique insight into what it
really means to be a teacher. I have had practical experience in a classroom environment
as an English and science teacher in Hong Kong. This experience was not only incredibly
beneficial in terms of developing my communication and presentation skills, but
it also developed my understanding of the unique challenges that teachers face
as educators. It became quickly apparent that it is essential to support and
motivate students who may not be naturally engaged with the subject you are
teaching. It is very challenging to consistently produce lessons that are
dynamic and interesting enough to captivate a learner’s interest while making
sure that the educational content is effectively communicated and retained in a
meaningful way. Above all else, there is a need to set achievable goals which allow
a student to reflect on their progress in order to take pride in their development.
By doing this, and offering sincere and consistent praise for the things they
do well, then a student is will become naturally more receptive and self-motivated.

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I have
also worked as a scientific research assistant at The University of Hong Kong where
I regularly gave presentations on influenza research to students. This research
resulted in me being named as contributing author on a published scientific paper.
This experience undoubtedly improved my problem-solving and organisational

I am actively
seeking opportunities to observe teaching in a local secondary school and hope
to finalise this very shortly, However, I am currently taking a CELTA (Teaching
English as a Foreign Language) course which includes regular classroom based
teaching practice with adult learners. I feel this qualification has helped to
improve my overall teaching ability and has reinforced how important it is to
create interesting and dynamic lesson plans.

Despite my
limited time as a teacher, I have found the experience to be very rewarding. . It was a fun and energising point in my life; you
are constantly inspired and uplifted by the positive aspects of teaching and
you get to share this joy with students by emphasising the fun in education and
fostering a love of learning.