The article ‘Analysing the influence of the presentation of

The article ‘Analysing the influence of the presentation of fashion garments on young consumers’ online behaviour’ by McCormick and Livett seeks to identify the web experience elements that aid the interaction between the consumer and fashion garments online (McCormick & Livett, 2012). The basic argument presented is that by consumers exposed to both practical and aesthetic garment attributes can increase the consumer’s satisfaction (McCormick & Livett, 2012).To accomplish this purpose the following method was used: evaluation of published research in literature review and then design and implementation of research strategy utilizing in-depth interviews.The information and thought process presented in the introduction lead coherently to the purpose originally aimed in the study. The research informs clearly the reader of its objectives and thorough terminology is defined. A diverse literature review is provided with reports of previous findings and comparisons between the authors’ research and prior research findings. The research presented in the paper aims to provide a theoretical explanation of the effects of the interaction between the consumer and fashion garments online since this aspect has not been recorded in the collection of the so-far studies (McCormick & Livett, 2012). This is an elaborate and of high importance issue, since the incorporation of internet is inevitable and inseparable in all business sectors and specifically in apparel industry. Thus the research can be considered as suitable and adequate.Sampling strategy is clearly defined regarding the age and sex of the participants. Although the authors recognize that its target group is the most common group of e-shoppers, they miss out to take into consideration -or mention in the article- other criteria that should probably be taken into consideration while choosing the participants, e.g. how often do these participants shop online, as this information can determine whether their answers will be well-thought and representative of their real beliefs. Additionally, ‘high fashion interest consumers’ (McCormick & Livett, 2012, p. 25) constitutes a generic criterion. However, it is recognized in the paper that the findings cannot be generalized.The research method is qualitative in nature; however additional quantitative findings could contribute and validate the findings. The evaluation of the significance of the findings would increase objectivity.The presentation of the research findings is objective, reasonable and credible since all of the participants’ responses are illustrated in the article. Considering ethics, no ethical issues are addressed or mentioned in the article, thus leaving undefined whether ethical standards were met or not.The research contributes to the literature to date with new theoretical understanding of the interaction between the consumer and fashion garments online and raises additional questions for future work (McCormick & Livett, 2012). The suggestion to expand the research to multi-channel retailers can add valuable insight to the study of the interaction between garment industry and consumer’s behaviour, as the interaction between the channels is inevitable. Overall the article is well-structured and organized and the research procedures well documented rendering the study replicable (Kawamura, 2011). The authors were able to test and support their hypothesis and the research findings validate the authors’ conclusions.?