The Apology Of Socrates Research Paper Essay

The Apology Of Socrates Essay, Research Paper

The Apology of Socrates, by Plato, is an of import work of literature. Although written some two-thousand old ages ago, it shows us how our society is much like the one of Socrates.It shows how the equities and unfairnesss of his clip are like the one & # 8217 ; s today.In reading the Apology of Socrates, one can larn how consistence can take to equitableness.

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Throughout th Apology of Socrates, Plato shows the reader how consistent Socrates is. He shows the reader how Socrates stands up for what he beleives in.Socrates shows his consistence by allowing the jury know that the lone manner he would halt his patterns and instructions, is decease.

Another illustration of Socrates consistence, is non begging, and pleading for his life.SOcrates feels like he has done nil incorrect, and he does non care what happens to him, every bit long as he stands up for what he beleives in.Socrates feels that if he does non stand up for what he beleives in, he will be dish

onored. Therefore, Socrates feels he will have equitableness, whether he lives or dies.

Plato, lets his readers know that Socrates feels that justness will predominate after he is gone, through the young person that he has taught. Socratess feels that the accusers will have a much worse penalty so he. He knows the young person will no longer be restrained by him. He knows the young person will so go the accusers and be far more ungracious.

In decision, Socrates receives precisely what he wants, equitableness. He makes it distinctively clear that no affair what happens to him, the accusers will non be holier-than-thou, and he will.He knows that his consistent life style of learning truth, and wisdom, have non hurt people, but done nil but assist them travel through self-evaluation, and obtain righteousness.He lets the Judgess know in the terminal that no incorrect will come to him, whether he lives or dies, and that he is better off deceasing because he is being released from the hostillities of the universe.