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The article “The Mistrust of Science,” discusses the importance of developing a science-based school of thought. This thought process is in part developed while in higher education, where students are able to observe, question, and experiment with the ideas and knowledge around them. While developing a scientific state of mind is important and has contributed to many health and environmental advancements, the clash between science and other existing belief systems has grown in size in recent years. This clash has led scientists to develop more effective communication strategies when presenting their findings as to make the public at large more responsive to new scientific claims. Scientists are also encouraged to help abolish misleading communication strategies that exist within both the scientific community and other belief systems. Furthermore, groups of young scientists and students should question and observe the world together as to hold each other accountable and provide new insight and expertise. Gawande especially emphasized the importance of the methods of scientific thought as students move into the unforeseen future.  I agreed with Gawande’s argument that thinking critically and questioning the ideas around us is important. I also agree that it is important to bounce new ideas and thoughts off of a group of a people. I agree with these arguments because different people have different perspectives and emphasize different things. To think scientifically is to take into account other people’s ideas and learn from them. These different perspectives can help enhance a good scientific idea or can help fault a bad one. I also really appreciated Gawande’s honesty about the flaws within the scientific community. I disagreed with the way Gawande discussed higher education’s reputation for making students “more individualistic and ideological” because he did not specify how and why education has that effect on many students. He quickly passed over such a strong statement in order to make his argument about the importance of working in groups. I think his statement needed further explanation in order to stand alone within his speech.