The also learnt how companies can get into a

The important strategic issues of the global
marketplace have been studied here. I have learnt the types of business
activities which are, operational, investing and

 Competitive costing &
competitive advantage in industry along with targeting various demographic
factors. I have also learnt how companies can get into a position where it
steadily increases its market share and brand value to compete in the current

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I have learnt a lot about
different strategies that different types of companies has to adopt. I have
also understood the devastating outcomes if the company does not have an
expanded presence around the world which could be detrimental for them. This
needs to be increased for a better strategic management. This assignment has
resulted in my understanding towards the key roles of each and every aspect of
strategic plan and implementation from the case studies of various companies
from different Industries.

I learnt about strategic brand
management in our lecture which will be a great help in my future because
branding is an important component of marketing.

Positioning is one of the
aspects of the theory that has been applied through this module. It is very
important to know how positioning works in strategies. Positioning in Strategic
Management these days are referred to as the process through which marketers
attempt to create an Brand Image or Identity in the minds of their target market
for its products, its organization and brand. I have understood that it is only
a relative competitive comparison their products would occupy in an indented market
which is referred as target market.