The a need to improve the quality and frequency

The proposal is all
about the new company under the name Peruagus Travels. The report has details
of the company, its mission, vision and objectives. The strategies adopt by the
company to create the transport services at its level best. The Peruagus
travels finds that number of people travel across the world daily for which
they need source of transportation. On the other hand, they look for comfort
and convenience too. Many people visit Europe from across the world. But within
Europe they look for comfortable journey and to experience world class services.
People still find some difficulty to get tickets on time and within their
budget. Though there are around 15-20 companies that provide these services but
still there is a need to improve the quality and frequency of services. Keeping
all these factors into mind Peruagus prepared this proposal to cater the needs
of customers. Company has platform for online booking of tickets of buses. Our
buses are well equipped buses and in the very well functioned and maintained
conditions. In addition to this we tried to combine two services under one
online booking channel. The travellers who wish to travels within the city
without the use of public transport they can get bicycles from our stations which
are near our main stations. These cycles can be booked through our online
booking systems by simply mentioning the duration of their requirement. These
will give a new experience to the customer.

Further, the report
explains about the marketing trends and strategies adopt by the company to
maintain the level of high class luxury and comfort for the customers. Our
service is customer centric as well as client oriented. The operational
strategies and the overall budget of the company are also mentioned. We will
put our best foot forward to meet the goals of the company in the optimum time
duration. Careful observations will be taken from the start of services and intensive
research will be conducted to improve the quality of services day by day.

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The best way to connect
with people is to travel around the world. For this, tourism industry opens
many gateways to fulfil the customer’s needs and desires. They provide
facilities for people to reach far places with the help of various
transportation systems. Over the last decade, tourism industry grows at a rapid
pace. People have shown increased interest in exploring the beauty and
diversity of the world. Students from various countries travel across the world
for education as well as to explore and learn new cultures. They look for the
transportation that is easily available convenient and in the range of their
budget for their journey. Europe is a large tourist destination place around
the world. It is a continent of adventure, different cultures and varied scenic
beauty. Number of international students from universities comes for gaining
education or on long or short vacations in groups or with their families. They
look for the transportation services which are easily available to travel from
one place to another across the countries and within the country and that too
within the range of their budget.   

Taking advantage of
this opportunity our company Peruagus travels provide the best transport to
make the journey easy, comfortable, affordable and enjoyable. The mode of
transport is excellent quality of buses with various facilities provided. Our Transportation
includes not buses only but the bicycles too for those who want to explore
certain places within the specific cities on their own wheels. There is a
provision for bookings prior to the journey starts. Bookings can be done online
or offline mode.

Peruagus mainly focus
on providing high quality and well managed services. Customer requirements are
also taken into consideration. Less waiting time and more no. of halts is a big
challenge for us. To handle this problem, we have chosen specific routes,
particular timings of the buses, and adequate no. of vehicles. Achieving this
goal, we are sure to have high customer contact.


Our vision is to be the
best, luxurious, successful transport provider company in the whole Europe.


Our mission is to serve
the customers, complete comfort with style and safety.


Our company has set
clear objectives to successfully achieve our mission and vision of the company.
Our primary objective is to keep our customers happy.

objectives: To launch new services and to reach out to the
maximum number of customers and generate brand awareness. Word of mouth
publicity through our initial customers.

objectives: To achieve growth in revenue, growth in earnings
and then take services to the level of making wider profits.

and Strategy: To gain customer satisfaction and
employee retention   

Objectives To make our services sustainable that protects
the environment.












The main objective of
this proposal is to provide the detailed efficient and convenient bus services
with an added advantage of pre booking of bi – cycles. Peruagus travel
transportation services from Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, and Brussels will
operate. The main point of operations is in Brussels. The tickets can be booked
on line through our website –
The information desk is in Malta, tickets can be booked by phone calls and at
information desks. We have our service station for the maintenance and repair
washing and cleaning of the buses. In addition to this cycles can also be
booked through our website. These are for those tourists who wish to roam
around the city to take a ride for a day. It is a combination of two services
which no other transport company provides. Intensive research will be conducted
to improve the services of the company day by day.    


A Peruagus travel is a
transportation company that delivers comfortable and easy going rides to the
customers. Customers will be able to book tickets by online and offline mode.
During the whole journey proper care and attention will be provided to the
customer. All the general and important information will be available on the

a)      Service Description

Peruagus travel attains
the quality of the service by providing the comfort and luxury to our
customers.  Additional services are
pre-booking of cycles to roam around the city for tourists and students who
wish to explore the streets on their own rides. The website contains all the
relevant information required by the customer. Information of schedule and
route of buses is provided with timings and place of pickup and drop. The
number of seats available for booking will be updated accordingly.   

b)     Destinations

Initially Peruagus
Travels cover five destinations Paris – Cologne – Amsterdam – Nuremberg –
Luxembourg – Brussels. The starting point of journey will be Brussels. The
stops will be at central stations, near airports, shopping areas, near hotels
where it is easy to access to the main areas of city.

Some places can be
visited by cycles these will be provided by online booking with the bus ticket.
Customers do not have to pay or wait for the bicycle ride in the country of
their choice. We have special buses which take tours for students only for
cultural trips. We are contracting with various travel agencies that need buses
for these trips.


Looking into the
markets presently there are few competitors with the same services as ours. But
the current market trend and continuous change and growth in the tour and
travel industry, these types of services are also increasing. To cope up with
this situation, we have made our services in such a manner that differentiate
the company from others.

The three domains of
strategy selected and adopted Peruagus are