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The Apple Company uses a generic strategy to ensure that it remains the leading in the manufacture and provision of the services. Most Mac products stand out in their impressive and unique designs and additional user-friendliness that they incorporate. The Apple firm ensures to set high standards in the market by the incorporation of features, which are beneficial to their users including excellent connectivity between their Mac products and devices (Lenox et al., 2017). The fact that the corporation produces products that can serve everyone acts to increase their market boundaries, which in turn ensures increased profits and higher competitive market advantage over their contenders.Product development is one of the critical strategies that Apple embraces to ensure that they remain successful. Moreover, to extend the available market reach, the firm guarantees to adopt innovative technology to produce exquisite goods for their customers. For instance, the corporation continues to innovate through their Mac products including Apple Watch, which includes multiple technological features (Hagiu, 2014). Hence, the generic strategy ensures the manufacture of unique products that provide continual improvements in the profit margins.Additionally, market penetration and extension is another crucial factor in Apple’s strategy for growth. This element embraces selling more Mac products, which ensures more profits flow into the company (Khan, Alam, & Alam, 2015). The promotions that the firm conducts through multiple websites and marketing agencies warrant enhanced penetrations and extensions of the available market areas. Further, the media advertisements encourage individuals to try out the Mac products of the company. Thus, most customers in various market segments are aware of the Mac computing products and services available, and they can access them; hence, it enhances the profit margins of the manufacturing firm.The media is a crucial tool in the market development of Mac goods. Despite being the least significant tool in the intensive growth strategies used by Apple, its contribution to the development of the company is substantial. This factor embraces the creation of and venturing into new markets for various products, and its primary focus is the establishment and penetration into new markets (Payne, 2017). Hence, Apple ensures to authorize new outlets for its products in areas where its Mac products’ presence has not yet reached. Moreover, new Mac goods in the industry embrace market development as they consider innovation (Pisano, 2015). Broad differentiation is the primary strategy that the Apple firm embraces and ensures its outstanding performance in the market and against its contenders.Overall, the differentiation in both functions and the designs of the Mac products enables the corporation to stand out in its operations. Innovativeness by Apple is a vital tool in ensuring market penetration as most Mac computers and devices have a design that warrants user-friendliness. Therefore, product development through innovation of designs stands out as the primary strategy that encourages the growth of the Apple Company. The latter announced the improvement of Mac desktops specs to suit different people and environments. The media announcements embraced updated desktops that incorporate graphics boosts and improved processors to help users run massive programs efficiently.The incorporation of social media updates in the new Mac desktops, as announced by Apple, ensures improved speech and the translation ability of narratives with different languages. Moreover, the company announced the improved photo capture ability, which produces high-quality images. Therefore, the frequency of media observations and announcements of the developments of new Apple products enhanced the expansion of the available market reach, which increases the profitability margins of the firm.