Television programme this day is currently influenced by the

Television is one of the mass media that gives a big effect to its viewer. Many Television programme this day is currently influenced by the need of information and entertainment. Furthermore, many Television channel are raced to get the viewers’ attention in order to get the best rating, they provide many programme that have a unique characteristic toward the other. For young viewers, the most interesting TV programme is a Music programme. Net TV as one of the channel has a music programme, namely Breakout that the young viewers said as the best music programme in Indonesia because it generally appear with some abroad musicians as the guests. The hosts of Breakout are Boy William and a female host. For sometimes the female host is usually take the turn with another name of the host, but typically the host used in Breakout is the one who can sing, play some music instruments and the one who can speak English well. Most of the hosts who present in Breakout are Bilingual. They often use Indonesian language and English while presenting the programme. They often do code switch and it was almost during the programme began until it ended up.

In this study, the researcher focus on two names of the hosts, Boy William and Sheryl Sherafina because those two hosts are the main hosts in that programme.

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This Study is focus on the hosts of “Breakout” language style and the code switching used as well as the impact toward the students of Junior High School as the viewers of that programme. In general, this study will elaborate what kinds of code switching used by the hosts of Breakout, what language style they use and what are the linguistic effect from the hosts’ code switching and language style toward the students of eight grade in Miksyaful Ulum as their viewers.

In the previous study written by Laurentius Pradipta Yunanda (2016) under the title Code Switching in Indonesian artist Twitter Tweet showed that artist’s code switch was a trend. The result showed that the code switching occurred in Indonesian artists’ twitter tweets were tag-switching, inter-sentential switching, intra-sentential switching. The Indonesian artists also used the combination of the types mentioned in their tweets.

Another study under the title The Different Language Style and Language Function between Students and Teachers in Updating their Status in Facebook Webpage written by Nurul Adhalia (2011) showed that the student’s language style was casual and the teacher was formal and both of them used expressive function language.

From those two previous research seemingly that code switching was a trend used by our public figure in Indonesia, but there is no later project investigating the impact of the code switching and the language style used by them toward the viewer’s especially the viewers on school age. This study will elaborate what kinds of code switching and language style used by the hosts of “Breakout” as well as the linguistic impact given by them toward the students of MTs. Milsyaful Ulum at eight grade as the viewers.