Technology technology is more helpful to students because it


Technology is beginning to become a
big part of students’ lives. Some would say as we progress through the 21st
century, students should have access to technology. Others say technology is
just a distraction and shouldn’t be a part of the students’ school life.
However, it is demonstrable that technology is more helpful to students because
it better prepares them for their future careers where they will most likely
have to use technology.

            There are
many benefits to using technology in school. One benefit is the fact that by
allowing students to use technology in school, it allows them to have a better
understanding of the new tech. This will help them know how to use a variety of
technology and better prepare them for jobs that may require technology experience.
Another benefit is that if schools replace books with tablets or computers,
they save money on books, paper and handouts that they’ll throw away anyway.
This will help the environment and the school. This will be helping the school
because the school will have more money to put towards something useful, like
programs or more funding for classes, just something students can actually use.
Now many people don’t think technology, some think it’s just another
distraction for students and that tablets and computers are just machines that
cause medical issues. Well, this could be easily prevented if students were
shown how to use technology responsibly. Teachers think technology is the cause
of “text neck”, according to Source 4. However, text neck is often the fault of
students who don’t use tech responsibly. Fortunately, this also leads to
another benefit of technology. According to Source 4, “1,000 books take up one
GB of space,” this would mean students wouldn’t have to carry so many heavy
books and can avoid back problems. 

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people like it or not technology is becoming a huge part in the world, and even
in our daily lives. The 21st century is revolving around technology, students
should be prepared for their future jobs where they will most likely need to
use technology. Almost everything is worked through technology these days.
Therefore students should learn to play roles in the progression of the modern
world. While many people have opposing viewpoints on whether technology should
be a part of school, there is substantial evidence to show that technology is
needed in schools.