Technology and business Essay

John Equines Back before Backbone, Twitter, even Namespace, if you wanted to find out information on someone or even catch up on the times apart you would normally send an email to that person. These days the technology is taking over. Between social media and text messaging, emails have been put on the back burner. Same goes for business communication. Emails used to be the way to get connected to your fellow employees and associates.

Technology has come so far in such a short amount of time, there are countless means of communication now. Social media is being used more in businesses today. Not only does it allow a company to connect with a larger audience of people by simply making a page dedicated to their work, but it also grabs the audience’s attention, and also brings in people who might not normally associate with their particular line that they do.

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On Social media you are able to showcase pictures, statuses, ND really connect with the ones who are loyal to your business. Allowing advertisement via internet and social media, it also saves the company money from having to advertise through billboards, and commercials. The good thing about advertising through these sites is that almost anyone you can think of is on the same sites. So many companies are relying on their backbone and twitter pages to get people in to their stores.

It has become more time saving, and money saving reaching out to people this ay. Ultimately I believe social media will continue to grow, becoming even better than it has become now, and with it continuously growing companies will only become better as well. Strongly agree with companies using social media as a means of advertisement so long as they do not use social media to downgrade employees based on their life away from work. Keep work related issues at work, keep home life at home. Social media is a great thing if used wisely.