College Level Math Placement Essay

Topics include simplifying, manipulating graph ins and applying algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and inverse triton metric functions. Matrix algebra will be used to solve systems of equations. Required Materials: rd Textbook: Precancerous: a Concise Course Edition, Larson, Brooks/Cole Coinage Learning Scientific calculator: 11TH or 84 preferred Prerequisite: MAT 135 with B or better or sufficiently high College Level Math Placement

Test score. If you earned a C in MAT 135, see me. Class: Before each class, prepared and take notes on the section to be covered in clay as. Ask questions. Attendance/Homework: Be there/do it. You are responsible for all of the material covered. Attendance is expected in every class. If you malls miss a class, plea SE let me know. The College policy on attendance is in the college catalog. If you have more than three absences, you may be dropped. A grade of WI will be issued if you fail t o attend regularly. There will be homework assigned as well as occasional announced quizzes.

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Each of these contributes to your final grade. Missed quizzes get a score of O. There are no retests in this course. Method of evaluation: There will be four tests and a cumulative final exam, all in class. Tests will usually consist of a noncircular part and a calculator part. Tests will count 65% and the final exam 25%. The remaining 10% will be compiled from quizzes, class participation, and homework. There are no makeup quizzes or tests. Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones (calls and text messages) will not be tolerated during structures.

Students are expected to have their cell phones turned off before the Start Of each lecture. Repeated infractions will result in the lowering your grade. Extra help: If you are having difficulty and need additional help, get that help immediately. Do not wait! Assistance may be found in the following sources: ; Your solution manual/CD ; Your instructor during office hours ; Tutors in the Learning Center (LABEL) o Online websites like Math Online at http://www. Masc.. Due/-?keeled/page 00. HTML www. Perpetuate. Com

Disability: Any student in this class who has special needs because of a disability is entitled to receive accommodations. Eligible students at MASC. are assured services under the American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 Of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. If you believe you are eligible for services, please contact Arlene Stations, the Director of Academic Support Services. Ms. Stilton’s office is LABEL, and she can be reached at (609)5703525. [email protected] Due Integrity statement: Mercer County Community College is committed to

Academic Integrity-?the honest, fair, and continuing pursuit of knowledge, free from fraud or deception. Students should never: ; Knowingly represent the work of others as their own ; Knowingly represent previously completed academic work as current ; Fabricate data to support academic work Use or obtain unauthorized assistance in the execution of any academic work ; Give fraudulent assistance to other students,