Sunday i knew i needed to go 60 degrees

Sunday evening I was walking along the beach when i found a strange letter in a bottle washed up on shore. The letter didn’t tell me where it came from or who it was from but it included directions to a strange island and told me that there was a treasure to be found. Using my compass i was able to figure out in what direction i needed to go. But, i didn’t know for how long all i knew was the direction i had to go from where i was standing. The first coordinate was_________, and using my compass and my knowledge of trigonometry i knew i needed to go 60 degrees northeast. Once i began to follow these directions I went exactly 60 degrees on my compass, where i eventually washed up on another island. Once on this island i kept walking directly along the path and didn’t see anything. Eventually i became hungry and tired so i stopped at a restaurant that was luckily directly on the path. After eating my lunch the waiter comes over and gives me my receipt. I was about to sign when i noticed at the bottom it said _________. I thought this was strange but it looked similar to the hint stuck in the bottle so i solved it and i got_______ which meant i had to go 135 degrees northwest. So i immediately got back into my boat and followed the path. But this time i never came across any land. I was about to give up when i noticed something shining and bobbing in the water. I drove my boat over to it, and sure enough it was another bottle, this time on the seafloor. Luckily the water was clear and it was fairly shallow, so i jumped in and dove down and grabbed the bottle. Once i got dry i opened the bottle this time to read_______, this one took me a while since i didn’t have a pen or paper to solve it with. But eventually i got the coordinate_______ which meant i had to go 210 degrees southwest. So from where i found the last clue i went exactly 90 degrees. I had been driving my boat for about an hour and a half with nothing in sight, until i noticed strange birds overhead. I kept going in my direction i was supposed to and they kept following. Eventually I found out they weren’t following me but they were going to the same place as me. I saw a small island about a mile out and made my way there quickly. Once stepping foot on this island it seemed pretty empty. I didn’t know what i was supposed to be seeing. I waited about an hour and a half for something to give me a clue of what i was supposed to do next, but nothing happened. Eventually i grew tireless and frustrated and i picked up a rock and threw it in frustration. But when it landed i heard a weird metallic “clank”. I was curious and decided to check it out. I got to the sight of where the rock landed and i frantically swept away the sand only to uncover a safe. But the safe was locked and needed the wheel to be spun and stopped at the right places in order to be opened. Right after i found the code taped to the side of the safe. This time it was much easier and they told me __________,_________ and ________ but i had to find these on the circle. So i turned it to the left til i hit _________ then to the right til i hit ________ then back to the right to _______. The safe immediately popped open revealing a Nintendo Switch, a splendid treasure full of fun.