Summary Of The Future Essay

This is a summary of the 16th chapter, a chapter in which it is written about the societies in the future. Actually I didn’t understand many words, but I think that I understood the concept, which I myself think is the most important. The chapter is about the future, how the anthropologists cannot tell how a future society will look like because there are human decisions that we can’t predict. But what they can do is that they can look at the people and society today and look at the small decisions and try to tell in what way we are headed. Let’s look at the two main hypotheses that anthropologists believe will happen the future.

The first is that the humanity will search for one society where all people live. And live in pluralism, many people with different political and social opinion live in the same society. That would be a lovely time and place for everyone. And if everyone were like me, it would work. But everyone isn’t like me, and that is something positive, so I don’t think that a society like that would work. And then there is a belief that the humanity will be joined because of the trade. The world is at this moment opening for a greater trade. And this process will probably continue and that is what I think will happen in the future.

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A good example is the “space center” that have recently been build in the space, where the former enemies USA and Russia have build a research station together. This is a society where everyone must cooperate, and the human isn’t enough cooperative. I’m quite skeptic whether three or more human beings can live together. Just take three children that are playing. There are in most cases so that the third child will be left alone. When you grow up and develop your intelligence you can make you self “play” with more people, but I think that it is our intelligence that make us social, and in the basic we are egoistic and will always be.

If the power is split up in many parts it will always come a stronger person and take the power. I don’t think you can change the human mind and instinct. And as long as we can’t, we can’t live together in a large scale, unfortunately. Another problem is the overpopulation. If everyone lived in the same society and were friends there would be overpopulation, because more money could be used for research of new medications. And that is not good either. Well that is what I understood of this text.