Success users were key in defining the success as

Success Factors for HRMS ERP
Implementation –

are many critical factors involved in successful ERP Implementation. Firstly,
they had a perfect planning strategy in developing a model. 

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v  Perfect
Planning by dividing the ERP Implementation into 3 different phases and the
schedule was perfect which included how the work was assigned to different
teams and their baselines and planned improvements with feedback.

v  They
initially started by providing help and functionality to different departments
and asked them to submit their daily actions electronically with the new ERP
System so they can get hands on initially.

v  They
had good training provided by the vendor, and they also had a co-relation with
National Finance Center who helped in providing support, security etc,.

v  They
improved the relationships between employees by supporting them.

v  Sub-units
were developed who had to check all the workflow related and correct them if
there are any errors before the next action is moved to Human Resource Office.

v  They
had full support from higher level of management in the organization to develop
and improve the overall Human Resource Management System.

v  The
3 different phases which they developed as described above played a vital role
in success.

v  Phased
approach helped to integrate the HR Management System across the organization.

v  The
users were key in defining the success as they had to oversee and follow all
the process from planning stage to testing stage, stabilizing stage and
providing support.



2.  Importance
of Governance –

            Governance was important because
they had to modernize the IT infrastructure by perfect planning with different committees
and boards of the organization.

v  They
developed a Information Technology Management Committee who were governing the
CIO and they were implementing policies, procedures and they had a perfect
governing standards for implementing the new IT System.

v  CCB
– Change Control Board was appointed to overview the requests from the IT team.
They made sure that the project was timely, and provide the users with
information on daily IT operations.

v  TRB
– Technical Review Board made sure that they were overseeing the overall
project success, system quality and its productivity, and to improve it if
there are any drawbacks.

v  Milestones
were a key part which ensured the risk was reduced by completing all the
assigned assessments and the productivity was improved to acceptable level.

v  Project Management Strategy
helped in ERP Success by focusing on controlling, allocating resources to the
project team and hiring skilled IT employees and they also monitored the
performance of each schedule to make sure that project progress is flawless.

v  Application Software Strategy
helped in developing proper analysis, designing and development, maintenance of
the software to improve overall business process such as providing accurate
security and control measures of the software to authorized personnel.

v  Data Management Strategy
helped them to store their data without losing and by backing it up. This
Strategy also helped to standardize procedures which helped in sharing data,
backing it up and to completely transforming in to a new standard database for
all the applications used in.

v  IT infrastructure Strategy
also was a key part in success, they involved in transiting all the equipment’s
such as computers, telephones, facilities etc,. They made sure that
communication was improved in the new designed work environment.


3.  The Institute was successful in implementing
new ERP system because they had a perfect planning which they followed it. They
had defined roles assigned to the project team who helped in project’s success.
They outlined the organization’s needs of standardizing the databases and they
set objectives, developed a perfect project plan. Training was one of the key
to institute’s success in implementing HRMS. Many organizations do not provide
proper training and modules to the employees which later leads to ERP Failure.
Institute was also successful because they had enough resources provided by the
higher management.

they were successful because of

Perfect Planning

Good Project Team and Project Management


Security Enhancement

Proving Resources

Support from Higher Management

Skilled Personnel.