Study passion in finance. Finance had always interested me

Study Plan for Admission to Master of FinanceAs the world becomes a smaller place, drawn together with an accelerated intertwist economies and global markets, it is necessary to have a rigid understanding of finance to be prosperous in business. Being someone who is already adept in mathematics, economics and Accounting, I feel developing a comprehensive understanding of finance will thoroughly prepare me for the future.I have always set myself excessively challenging targets to ensure I make the most of my abilities and avoid any complacency. Knowing that my achievements during my years of education will have a profound effect on my future, I have kept my motivation and ambition at the forefront of everything I do. It is this motivation and ambition that, will serve me well in today’s business world.By learning to understand finance I believe I will be learning to understand the very structure that keeps the world of business and commerce firmly joined together. This is a subject I have always had a strong desire to study, and I think this could be a perfect opportunity to fine-tune my skills before stepping out into the real financial world.My first degree in accounting and business management persuade me to have an interest in the financial sector and a Master’s degree in finance is a necessary next step towards the achievement of my ambitions. I have a strong analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills. I wish to relate the knowledge of, and aptitude for, these skills with my passion in finance. Finance had always interested me right from my undergraduate studies. Inspired to learn more, I took courses in Accounting, Finance and Business Management. During my final year of undergraduate studies,   I also took part in a software project for some local rural banks by introducing them to e-banking. I gained much experience in the financial services industry from the project and this also persuaded me to seek a career in finance.One area which has particularly interested me is that of corporate finance. I studied financial management during my undergraduate program and also advance financial management when I was writing the level three, which is the final part, of the institute of chartered accountants (Ghana) examination in 2017.  I found this an interesting area of business, involving such aspects as venture capital, private equity, corporate governance, business valuation, and the processes of mergers and acquisitions.  I am eager to learn more about the way decisions on investment and capital budgeting are made, capital structure, business valuation, dividend policy and risk management.After my undergraduate studies, I was posted to Ghana Commercial Bank, for a one year compulsory national service, as an associate Accounts Officer. This job required not only accounting background but also analytical capabilities. As an associate Accounts Officer; I must examine bank’s customers companies’ financial reports and checking their business documents to ensure that they had legal background and business relationships in order to prevent our bank from fraud and money laundering. Furthermore, I must ensure that all my performances were in compliance with the bank policies and procedures. This experience helped me to develop negotiation, teamwork and, communication skills enabling me to maintain excellent relationships with customers and colleagues.After my national service, I was employed by GN Bank, Ghana as a Finance Officer (Entry Level) and presently, I am still working there. My duty is to capture daily transactions on SAP accounting system, ensure strict compliance with national policies and procedures, assist in the development of programme and project budgets, prepare monthly management reports at the end of each month, presented reports on general economic trends, provide assistance to internal auditors during financial audit, assist the Finance Supervisor with any other duties as assigned. It helped me to gain much knowledge of the financial services industry and developed my analytical skills in the real working world, and I believe that this have given me a solid basis of practical knowledge to start a Master’s degree in finance. During my undergraduate studies, I also worked at Mount Olive Hospital, as an intern accounting assistant. I had the duty to help in the preparation of financial reports and making payments to relevant government bodies. All these experiences have broaden my knowledge of the business world and have prepared me adequately for graduate studies in finance. As a devoted and aspiring student with an aptitude for mathematics, I believe that I have the intellectual capacity to undertake postgraduate studies in finance. Also, I will carry to my studies an awareness of the significance of these subjects in our lives, which will serve as a motivation to understand and to impact these processes after graduation.To accomplish my career goals, I have to study more about modern developments and techniques in finance and acquire hand-on experience in financial analysis. A master’s degree will equip me with theoretical understanding and an in extensive knowledge of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision making.  This will aid me to build upon my existing knowledge and skills in finance.My initial goal immediately after graduation is to pursue PHD in finance and become a professor.  I hope to gain practical experience in finance and assist Government of Ghana in the development and implementation of macro-economic and fiscal policy framework for the country, supervising and monitoring the finances of the country and establishing systems throughout the public sector to budget for the use of resourcesMaster of Finance from Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies, Xiamen University is an ideal fit for my ambitions, because of its outstanding faculty and facilities, quality of education, international recognition, overall academic excellence, collaborative learning environment, availability of immense opportunities, study opportunities for international students, hand-on experience. I chose to undertake my master’s degree in china because of the great educational infrastructures, High quality education level, Peaceful environment, Global recognition of China’s universities degree and the global ranking of universities in China with high reputation makes a great aspiration to me for better career perspectives. Also Exploration of China’s ancient and modern civilization. Studying finance in China will be a great opportunity for me to explore China’s unique ancient and modern civilization. Beside, studying in China will help prove my readiness for the global workplace and Increase my employment prospects. The insights I will gain from living and studying in China will provide a major talking point in my job interviews and internationalising my resume. Focusing on instances in which I overcame cultural or language barriers and resolved all kinds of challenges, will help me to quickly differentiate myself from other applicants. This will help me to have fresh perspectives to offer, showing an understanding of this important market and an ability to adapt to new cultures and environments. Furthermore, studying in China will help me to Learn Chinese culture, history and language since it will be part of the school curriculum and also socializing with the Chinese native will help me to learn it quickly. Knowledge of Mandarin, one of the world’s most spoken languages, could open plenty of doors in my future career and will make me a very attractive candidate when applying for a job due to the fact that most organization are shifting most of their operations to China because of the economic power and fast growing economy of china. Lastly, Availability of Scholarship Opportunities in China is one of my reasons to study in china. Due to the fact that most of the Chinese universities have established scholarship for excellent foreign students at each level made me to choose china for my master’s studies.I hope that you will acknowledge my interest and will give me the chance to further my education in China. Best RegardsPhilip Duako Amisare