Students almost no modes of transportation available, students walk

            Students play a crucial role in the society. They serve
as the foundation of the future generations. A student’s main purpose is to
study and acquire information to contribute to self-growth and be able to share
knowledge to others. The easiest way to learn, other than home, is going to
school. Schools are institutions made specifically for learning. Memory
retention is very essential in learning especially in situations when you have
to recall a specific lesson for recitation or the homework that the teacher
gave before leaving the school premises.

the past, where there’s little or almost no modes of transportation available,
students walk their way to their respective schools even if it’s miles away.
But thanks to the innovative emergence of alternative means, different modes of
transportation are now accessible to everyone, especially students.

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time flies, more and more vehicles (both private and public) now occupy the
streets of the Philippines, specifically in Manila. According to CNN
Philippines (2015), Manila topped the longest minute spent commuting survey
conducted by Waze, a GPS-based navigation app, and named Manila, on a city
level, has the “worst traffic on Earth”. The study examined 50 million Waze
users in 32 different countries and 167 major cities with scores ranging from
10 as satisfying and 1 for miserable. The answers were evaluated for the Global
Driver Satisfaction Index and Philippines ranked ninth in worst places to drive
with a score of 0.4 in the traffic index. This issue does not only apply to the
workers but for the students also who commute on a regular basis to go to their
respective schools or universities.

only does traffic and other modes of transportation hindrances can affect
student’s academic performance, this study seek to find out if there is a
relationship between the respondent’s home distance and memory retention.