Strategy peers is a reliable descriptive fact, but the

Strategy is a plan of
action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
Strategy is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces people to
make specific choices about their future.

Strategy works by
focusing energy and resources on one, or a very few, pivotal objectives whose
accomplishment will lead to a cascade of favorable outcomes.

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The most basic idea of
strategy is the application of strength against weakness. Or, prefer strength applied
to the most promising opportunity. The standard modern treatment of strategy
has expanded this idea into a rich discussion of potential strengths, today
called “advantages.”

Individuals make
comparisons in terms of characteristics, traits and abilities. However,
individuals also often use cognitive shortcuts to simplify decision-making. One
such shortcut would be to use simple ordinal rank information instead of
detailed cardinal information.

matter – Correlation among peers
is a reliable descriptive fact, but the scope for spurious correlation in peer
analysis is wide

conflicting goals, dedicating resources to unconnected targets, and
accommodating incompatible interests are the luxuries of the rich and powerful,
but they make for bad strategy. Good strategy requires leaders who are willing
and able to say no to a wide variety of actions and interests. Strategy is at
least as much about what an individual does not do as it is about what it does.


– First describe the empirical strategy that
uses when outcome variable is a long-term one such as earnings or completed
years of education. Then describe the adjustments that can be made looking on
IQ as an outcome.


Analysis of Relative Performance Feedback – The performance measures of interest are the number of
summations that subjects submit – which should be interpreted as effort and performance.


Growth, Strengthening, Discerning the fundamentals, Competitive advantage are
few other areas that lead us to score high and set long-term learning goals
allows teachers to plan backward from a vision of student success. This helps
ensure that every minute of instruction is moving students towards higher
levels of achievement.







are the few tips to let one stay high in making ‘A’:

Understand the concepts while studying: Instead of mugging up theories without understanding the
concepts. One should be able to answer a question asked in a different format.
Therefore, it is essential to understand the concepts related to reasoning,
mechanism, application, etc., to perform better in the exam.

Planning schedule: As one
knows their weak areas, agenda should be to give extra time to tackle those
difficult lessons and transform them to strong ones. Prepare a timetable to
prioritize and take care of the important and weaker sections first.

Note-making: Its
an effective method, Revising the whole syllabus from scratch may seem
impossible in the limited time available. Therefore, prepare short notes and
list out the main points or draw diagrams that can help you to recall all the
answers quickly. The act of writing notes or drawing flow charts consolidates
in your memory and is more effective than only reading or mugging up your
lessons. In this way, you will be able grasp the points better and remember
everything you need to know during the exam.

Group study can help: Studying in a group helps to tackle those
difficult areas and learn faster. One will find it easier to discuss the topic
with friends/mates, who can help to fix the problem areas and introduce to
better study techniques. Those areas that may seem confusing might be easier
for them(friends/mates). They will share their notes on that particular section
which helps to understand better. But make sure the group to be selected should
benefit one in learning rather than wasting time where others themselves are
not clear on concepts.

Solving Assignments/Previous
Papers: This helps in knowing the difficulty level of questions, helps to
figure out the repeating sequence of questions because some cute questions show
their faces in every board exam and helps to figure out true level of securing