Human Resource Management Degree Essay

The substance is as follows: A strategy is a discussion result of the senior executives of an organization. To ensure the fast grown up of the organization, strategy leads the way of the working group due to the change of the outstanding environment. It is the direction for final success. It addresses critical issues ND success factors.

Strategic management is a process to set the strategic into reality (Nag, Humpback & Chem. 2007). It plans how the organization is disposed to the high-risk outstanding environment. It rules how to realize the strategy, and how to make the members of the organization accept the strategy and carry it out. During the process of strategy management, the organization should find the appropriate strategy, which can best suit the current outside environment and help the organization to achieve the final success in the competition (Schmidt & Thriller 1998). 2. 2 The Different between SHRUG and HRS

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Before deeply discussion, this essay has to distinguish the difference between SHRUG and HRS. In chapter 4, the material tells that the HRS provides the human resource normal work to the organization, such as the hiring, documents arranging, and so on (Sheehan, et al 2007). The SHRUG is quite different from HRS. SHRUG can be described as a high level strategy about how to arrange the human resource work due to the fast changing outside environment (Marital & Carroll 1995). It means that the SHRUG is a long-life policy of the organization, and it is fundamental to the management policy of he organization.

SHRUG is a part of the strategy management, and HRS is the expression of the SHRUG. 2. 3 The Way that HRS Integrates into SHRUG The main way that integrates strategy management into human resource management has two approaches: best fit and best practice. Most models of best fit in HRS argue that prime target is to fit with the firm’s competitive, overlooking the employees’ interest. Thereby, this essay recommends that best fit is not flexible enough and should do some changes to make sure the powerful competitive in global market. Another approach is best practice.

Best practice prefers to improve the quality of workers by training, education and so on. However, cultural factors are significant in this instance. Meanwhile, best practice also awards the employees who make significant contribution to improve the activity of the employees. Further, the models can provide opportunities for the employees to help them grow up and receive more profit. 2. 4 The Importance Of SHRUG to Companies With the development of globalization, many amazing changes attract the eyes of economic experts. They try to find the key reasons of the successful companies.

Many experts finally come to the agreement that the key of a company’s success is the core competitiveness (Nag, Luau & Foley 2008). The most directly way to improve the core competitiveness is to improve the strategic human resource management level. The strategy human resource is very important to the constancy development of company. To achieve the high quality human group, and receive the economic goal, further keep the advanced position in market, the companies should invest enough and efficiency to the construction of strategic human resource management (Kim & Wright 201 1).

The strategy human resource is not only a serious behavior about the human resource management, but also a longevity progress to change the basis characteristics of a company (Patella & Cordon 2010). Performance management is a part of SHRUG. Through fully inspecting on the productions number, ethic, ability, the company knows the characteristics of the staff better. It can encourage the staff to improve themselves. When the staff is better educated and qualified, they can make more contribution to the company. 3. 3 The Great Success Follows the Appropriate SHRUG The effect of the strategic human resource management is very significant.

Most workers feel much better than before. Thereby, almost all the workers in that company are very encouraged. The efficiency of the company increases sharply. It is not hard to find that the SHRUG model of the Chinese high-technical company belongs to the best practice. The example of this company proves that best practice is very useful and helpful in reality. 4. The Example of Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India 4. 1 The Background of HAMS HAMS comes from the individual foreign investment Motor Company Limited (HOME), Japan (Chubbier & Major 2005).

Thereby, most high-level managers of HAMS come from HOME. Unfortunately, the situation in India is quite different from Japan. On the contrary, to achieve the production goal, they treat the reasonable request of their workers crudely. Meanwhile, the Indian workers are not used to the Japanese culture, they want to share more freedom without bearing the inhuman treatments. 4. 2 The HRS Policies of H VISIT The essay will show the HRS of HAMS. Hemp’s human resource (HRS) policies were deeply affected by its parent company, HOME. Many policies are similar and share the same concept.

WHIM’S philosophy includes two important parts: en is show enough respect to every employee in the corporation, while another one is “Three Joys”. HAMS promised that the HRS policies tried to develop everyone’s capacity. Following the mother company HOME the HAMS also identifies the daily activities of the Indian employees into Three Joys. The company’s culture from the foreign investment of Honda seems very wonderful (Dooms, George & Kabuki 2006). However, the situation in Indian is quite different. The education background and the sense of discipline of Indian workers are inferior to Japanese workers.

Thereby, the similar human resource policies are not proper obviously. The HAMS needs to consider its culture, ethic level, organization and so on. The most suitable strategy human resource is made to develop the company. 4. 3 The Terrible Incident of HAMS In the first twenty years in Indian, the HAMS dose a good work and receive great success in the global market (Hill 1990). However, the situation changes sharply at the early twenties century. At the beginning, the workers just want the company to increase their salaries with the high speed of the development of the company.

They were not satisfied with their Dial gifts, which Were valued at just RSI 600. To express their anger, all the workers effused to receive those gifts. Some months later, another event happened. A worker could not bear any longer and wanted to go to the toilet after long time working, but the curse refused him. The former vice-president kicks this worker in his leg. As the social develops and the demand of worker grows, the workers in HAMS cannot bear the current situation any more. To change the terrible working environment, the workers start to collect funds to support building workers’ union.

This union is obstructed by the managers. Workers are very angry. However, the managers of HAMS do not notice this. They just ant to calm down the resistance of their workers and keep the operation of the company. The lack of appropriate strategic human resource management led the following violent conflict between workers and the company. TO force the managers accept their demands, many workers leave their work position and parade on the street. The managers refuse their demands again and fire most of those workers.

More than 700 people are hurt during this progress. Sooner after that, the producing efficiency of HAMS decreases very fast. Finally HOME give up the corporation with company Hero of India, and leave the HAMS’ alone in India (Huddled, et al 2003). 4. 4 The Loss of SHRUG Leads the Hemp’s Failure The failure of HAMS is a typical case of lacking appropriate strategic human resource management. The human resource of HAMS is a copy of HOME, and does do any change in the past twenty years. As the outside environment change, the HRS of HAMS fails without doubts.

If the HAMS can set the appropriate strategic human resource management, try to bring more modern technology into the producing line to improve the competitive instead simply hire more workers to do more same work, then disaster will tot appear (Kampuchea 1994). Through using some profitable ways to improve the quality of workers’ life conditions, the workers will go on happy working. The failure of HAMS proves the importance of SHRUG to modern corporations. As the outstanding environment changes and the competition increases, the SHRUG seems to be fundamental to the management. 5.

Conclusion This essay introduces the relationship between the SHRUG and the competitive of the corporations. As the outstanding environment changes, the traditional human resource management cannot meet the demand of the modern high- risk market. Thereby, to put the human resource management into the competitive strategy is very important. The example of high-technical company ATTACHES tells that the appropriate SHRUG can do great contribution to the development of the company, while the example of Hemp’s failure tells that the lacking of appropriate SHRUG is a disaster to a company.

In a word, the strategic human resource management is Very important to the constantly development of company. To achieve high competitive in the global and high-risk market, the companies set the SHRUG into the high level of a key part of the strategy policy of the companies.