Steve School in 1979. He continued to work at

Steve Irwin spent his life protecting and teaching people about  wildlife. A  T.V. station asked him to do his own show his first audience was in Australia and then grew all over the world. Steve taught people not to be  scared of wildlife, but to be careful.  That is when Steve Irwin became known as Steve The Crocodile Hunter. He  learned his love for animals from his parents. In 1970 the Irwin family followed their dreams and built Beerwah Reptile Park in Australia. Steve’s father, Bob continued to teach him about crocodiles and other Australian wildlife. They helped sick animals at the center until they were well enough to return to the wild.  When Steve was 9 years old he went on his first field trip with his dad, that  when he caught his first “freshie” a freshwater crocodile. After graduation from Caloundra State High School in 1979. He continued to work at his parents park. In 1985 Steve met his best friend Wes Mannion how had a love for animals just like him. Sui was his other best friend. She was his dog that he trained to help hunt crocodiles. A filmmaker John Stainton came to the Irwins Park and thought Steves life was very interesting. After John watched videos of Steve catching wildlife, he asked if he could send them to channel 10. The producers gave him 10 one hour episodes for his own show. In 1991 Steve met an American woman named Terri Raines who loved animals as much as him. They were married on June 4, 1992 in Eugene, Oregon. They  both starred in the new show The Crocodile Hunter. The was being watched all over the world, they were famous. They had 2 kids a girl named Bindi and a boy named Robert. Steve and a friend named Philippe Cousteau were working on a new documentary called Ocean’s Deadliest. On September 4, 2006 they were exploring Australias Great Barrier Reef, Steve noticed a 8 foot wide stingray fish. The stingray felt threatened and raised its stinger and stabbed Steve in the heart and he died instantly, Steve was 44 when he died. A memorial was service was held in the Australia Zoo Crocoseum, 5,500 people came. Australian Government announced that 334,000 acres of the land Steve explored and loved would be protected forever, its called its called Steve Irwins Wildlife Reserve. On November 15 Wildlife Warriors all over the world celebrate Steve Irwin Day.