Performance enhancing drugs Essay

For many years people have wrestled with the issue of performance enhancing drugs. Even though many tests and studies have been done to show the affects of these drugs, athletes still choose to use them. A typical college athlete will spend many long hours working out and some of them believe that that is not enough and they make the choice to use drugs to help them get bigger and stronger. Eventually something will happen to each athlete who uses these drugs and they will learn that using these drugs is wrong.

When people think of performance enhancing drugs, steroids come to mind. Steroids are chemicals that act very similar to hormones. The main type of steroid is an anabolic steroid. These steroids are used mainly to build muscle mass and help you prolong your workout. Although many athletes use anabolic steroids and do not think anything of it, the question comes up, is it ethical? For example, if I were a college athlete and I worked out everyday, I would feel better about myself than if I worked out everyday and took a performance enhancing drug as well.

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I would get more self satisfaction out of knowing that I have worked hard to get my body in the position it is in. If you are taking drugs you are in a sense cheating, and you should not feel as good about yourself. Some performance enhancing drugs are very easily accessible. Two that come to mind are creatine and androstendione. Creatine is used to give your body some extra energy. Another main characteristic is that creatine adds mass to your muscles.

So if you start to take creatine you will notice an increase in your muscle size, however if you stop sing creatine, the mass will go away and you could gain weight. Androstendione is a performance enhancing drug that is legal and can be bought over the counter. This is taken because it will help your body feel refreshed after you are done working out. Androstendione became very well known a few years ago when Mark McGwire, a professional baseball player, set a new record for most home runs in a season. During the season it became known that McGwire was using Andro during his workouts.

The question came up if Mark McGwire really deserved the record for most home runs in a eason. The fact that he used Andro made many people frown upon his great achievement. Although many professional athletes use this drug it was put in the spotlight because of the circumstance. Andro has currently been banned by the N. C. A. A. which prohibits college athletes from taking the drug. Although many athletes use performance enhancing drugs and do not think about the consequences to them, they are out there. A visible consequences is acne.

Some changes that take place in the body are heart disease, high blood pressure and liver isease. Men and women can have different affects as well. In men their sperm count could go down and women could have a reduction in their breast size. Physical problems are not the only problems that come from steroid use. There are many psychological problems as well. Mood swings are a common side effect from taking steroids. One moment you could be in a good mood and then the next moment you could explode on the first person you see.

Although many athletes use steroids to help them while they are performing, the egative affects greatly outweigh the positive affects. You could look good for a while and people could be impressed, but later on in life it will catch up to you. People often look down on those who use steroids as well. If someone meets a goal, but they are taking performance enhancing drugs, it may not be looked at the same by others as someone who reaches a goal without using steroids. In my opinion, all performance enhancing drugs should be made illegal because of the harm they cause to your body.