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STDV0.191485420.141421360.150.15The f-ratio value is 158.06557. The p-value is < .00001. The result is significant at p < .05.Conclusion         My results prove my hypothesis because in my hypothesis it says that Cinnamon Cassia and Oregano will kill off the bacteria while Tea Tree and the control group won't do a good job killing the bacteria. One interesting trend i've found in my graph is that in the control group all 4 trials the amount of bacteria in the cultures in (cm) are all 4 which is pretty weird, I thought every number was going to be different. Another trend in my project is that in the Standard Deviation for Oregano and the Control group both of them were 0.15, that also surprised me because wasn't really expecting the Standard Deviation to be the same, thought that they were going to be completely different numbers all 4 not being close to each other but turns out that, I was wrong and they were pretty close which is interesting. My question for this project is "How do essential oils have an effect on M. Luteus Bacteria Cultures?" I don't really know how to answer this question, when I got assigned this project I was rushing, and that's where I made a big mistake, I should've done more research and thought twice about my question. Oregano and Cinnamon Cassia have the biggest effect on M. Luteus Bacteria while the Tea Tree and the control group there was little to no effect on the Bacteria.       I can confirm that i've made a fair amount of mistakes during this experiment, when I got assigned this experiment I had no idea on what I was doing I restarted about 2 times and on my 3rd try I finally knew what I was doing until I started working on my data, I didn't know what Standard Deviation means so I had to look that up, etc. had to look up a lot of things up while doing this experiment. Another major difficulty was, measuring the bacteria in the cultures I still don't know how to precisely measure the bacteria, My data might be a little off because I didn't know how to find the numbers perfectly on a ruler. I also had to watch a few YouTube videos on how to find the mean,median,range,stdev,etc..       Some improvements for next time when I do a lab is first, know what i'm doing and to be more prepared, I think I should have spent more time researching my science fair topic because if I did research I would've known that I couldn't test yogurt in bacteria. Some new modifications for the lab is to be more safe next time because I was going very quick with this experiment and going fast in a science experiment is only calling for bad things to happen because it can lead to messed up data, and it can especially be dangerous if you are working in microbiology because you are dealing with bacteria,etc.