Solar ago This was a time of volcanic eruptions

Solar system formed about 4.6
billion years  ago.

Condensed clouds of rock and dust
surrounding the sun

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This experiment was conducted
around 60 years ago.

Stanley Miller and Harold Urey
tested the Oparin-Haldane hypothesis by creating laboratory conditions
comparable to conditions they thought existed on early Earth.

These types of experiments show
that abiotic synthesis of organic molecules is possible


Single celled organisms could have
possibly been around for 3.9 billion years

The earliest evidence of life
dates back 3.5  million years ago from
fossilized stromatolites

The first single-celled organisms
that we have found are prokaryotes.

Stromatolites form when
prokaryotes bind films of sediment together



This occurred around 2.8 billion
years ago

After this organisms started to
exist and live


The oldest accepted fossil of
eukaryotic organisms are about 2.1 billion years ago

Eukaryotes are much more complex
than prokaryotics


The earliest multicellular
eukaryotes lived around 1.5 billion years ago

The oldest known fossil of
multicellular is algae around 1.2 billion years old


This event happened around 530
million years ago

This was  when many phyla of living animals appear out
of no where in fossils formed


The colonization of land happened
about 500million years ago

This was when larger forms of life
such as fungi, plants, and animals started to move up on and colonize land


Pangea was a supercontinent around
250 million years ago

Most of the land masses around at
the time were connected


Around 135 million years ago pane
split into northern and Southern land masses

Laurasia was the Northern land


Around 135 million years ago pane
split into northern and Southern land masses

Gondwana was the southern land


This occurred around 250 million
years ago

This was a time of volcanic
eruptions in what is now Siberia

This led to reduced temperatures

This also cause an oxygen deficit
which could have been the cause of most extinctions


This occurred around 65.5 million
years ago

This eliminated half of all of the
marine species and many terrestrial plants and animals including the dinosaurs


This occurred around 225 million
years ago

Wiped out 76% of marine and
terrestrial species

Allowed dinosaurs to become
dominant on land


This occurred about 400 million
years ago

Can not be tied to a single event
but could be global temperature change, meteorites, and/or nutrient runoff

Lowest in severity of the 5 major


This occurred around 445 million
years ago

Eliminated 85% off all species in
this time period

During this time there was rapid
cooling and reduced sea levels due to 


Humans appeared around  1.5 million years ago

This was during the Neogene era
and the Pleistocene period


This occurs around 330 million
years ago

But this didn’t happen until the
Earth was at the right temperature for the plants to survive and reproduce