Software security tests for individual areas within the system

Software Research    Medical Solutions Systems is one of the organizations that have integrated technology into their software delivery. The success of the company in the pharmaceutical industry has been characterized by the innovation used in the products of the company. This success has predisposed the company to cybercriminals who target the intellectual property that the company has accumulated and vend it to the competitors of the company. The decision to integrate technology into the operations of the company is important to its success. It is important to test the vulnerabilities of the networks as well as the computer systems in the company so as to determine the areas that need redress to prevent the attacks that have been witnessed previously and also protect the valuable intellectual property accumulated by the company (Mohanty, Mohanty & Balakrishnan, 2016).  Description of Software and its Benefits    The provider selected to offer the security testing solutions for Medical Solutions Systems is called Veracode. This is a product that is vended by CA Technologies, a company that is based in New York. Veracode is the product of the company that is used for security and penetration testing on applications and software. The software offers a variety of benefits, many of which exceed the current needs of Medical Solutions Systems but are within the scope of what the company might need in future. Veracode has a variety of testing tools that the company can use for determining the vulnerabilities within its systems, networks, and network infrastructure (CA Technologies, n.d.).       This is beneficial because the individual tools are designed to perform specific tasks, an aspect that improves the outcomes of the security tests for individual areas within the system and system architecture. For instance, some of the tools included in this software include code review tools, cloud-based security, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security attestation, web application security standards, automated software testing, and the application testing tool among others. The availability of these tools for the network administrators at Medical Solutions Systems is beneficial to the company because cyberattacks are evolving constantly (Taplin, 2016).  As such, a security testing software with a limited number of tools will likely become obsolete after a short while. Veracode promises to remain useful for the current security problems as well as versatile enough for any new security concerns because of the variety of tools built into the software.     It is also important for Medical Solutions Systems to consider an internal threat when selecting the software for security testing. Meghanathan & CNSA (2010) found that companies are still vulnerable to internal threats emanating from the employees or a collusion between would-be attackers and the employees. The Veracode software offers specific benefits in addition to other benefits that allow the company to deal with this threat at the root level. The code analysis tool of the Veracode software enables the system administrators to scan for malicious codes in both third-party software before the company purchases them as well as any applications developed internally. The software also determines whether there are any functionalities that are lacking that can be exploited by would-be attackers (CA Technologies, n.d.).  Software Analysis    Veracode has received positive and numerous peer reviews for its various benefits. One such review was given by a retail firm whose main operations are in the developing enterprise architecture and innovations in technology. This is a large company with a size of between 10 billion and 30 billion dollars employing less than a hundred people (Gatner, 2017). Using the five-star rating scale, the company gave Veracode a 4-star rating for evaluating and contracting, the capabilities of the product, the service and support afforded by CA Technologies and the integration and deployment and integration (Gatner, 2017).     The software also got a 5-star review from a provider in the healthcare industry whose role is in the management of risks and securities in the industry (Gatner, 2017a). After a demonstration of the software in use by the company, it is evident that its applications are diverse and versatile. The precision with which the software assessed vulnerabilities and the depths of the systems into which it assessed are a confirmation that the software will meet and surpass the present and future needs of the company. Recommendations     After a review of the security needs of the company, its past incidences of breach, and the value of protecting the intellectual property that the company has accumulated, it is recommended that the company purchases the security testing solution offered by Veracode. The analysis above demonstrates the versatility of the software and the benefits that the company can expect by implementing the solution. The costs to be incurred are influenced by the items to be included in the software package. However, a minimum engagement cost of 40,000 dollars is required. The deployment and maintenance of the software is recommended to be provided by CA Technologies.     The recommendations made above benefit from a consideration that the use of the security testing solution offered by Veracode will have on the operational environment of the company. The Veracode is solution is compliant with both the network typology used by the company as well as the hardware and software infrastructure in the company’s network, the information systems, as well as the computer systems. As such, its use will not undermine any operations of the company. Instead, the Veracode solution will identify the areas within the company’s systems where additional security is required as demonstrated in the analysis sections.