Social of marketing and serves large promotional purposes. Another

Social media has been
the most important part of our lives now a day. From education to shopping, from
electronic mails to business tools, social media plays a vital role in
influencing people’s lifestyle over the globe. According to Jacob Amedie 2015,”In
today’s world, it is undeniable that social media plays an important role in
impacting our culture, our economy and our overall view of the world” (p.3).Over
the past few years, social media has affected our lives in countless ways which
includes both positive and negative aspects.This essay will describe some of
the positive and negative effects social media has on life.

Based on research it’s
shown that social media has brought a lot of positive impacts. Social media has
been used in the most innovative way for education. Both teachers and students
use social media as a source of communication. Social media has increased the
quality and rate of collaboration for students. With the help of social media
students can easily communicate or share information quickly with each through
various social sites.

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In the field of
business, social media helps businessmen connect to their audience and know
their likes and dislikes. It also provides businesses to connect to a larger
audience and is very useful in terms of marketing and serves large promotional
purposes. Another positive point is that costumers use social media to connect and
interact with businesses on a more personal level. (Siddiqui and Singh, 2016)

Social media also has
an enormous impact on our society. Social media facilitates people and provides
them with the opportunity to reconnect with their old friends, colleagues and
mates. Another advantage of using social media sites is that it provides people
with a platform to unite for the achievement of specific goals and purposes.


Social media has
various merits but it also has some demerits which affect people negatively. Besides
all the positive impacts, social media has brought detrimental side effects to
the lives of people. We cannot argue upon the fact that besides the hundred
advantages it has, social media has a negative influence upon the education
system as it distracts students and the fact that all the information posted
upon the social networking sites is not always true. Youth who are addicted to social
media may spend immeasurable hours on social sites and it affects their
concentration and focus in particular tasks (Bhavana, 2014)  

Besides the thousand
advantages social media provides in the field of business, companies might fall
prey to the hackers losing all their data and wrong advertising strategies may
lead to the doom of the business. Siddiqui and Singh explain in “International
Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research ,2016”  that Social media interactions are time
consuming and businesses should assign a separate individual to update pages
regularly with the fresh content.

In regards with
society, social media has low security and privacy which may expose youth to
cybercrimes. The personal information provided by people on different social
networking sites enabling the terrorists and criminals in illegal acts. On the
other hand, social media is robbing us of trust and comfort we once placed in
one another, replacing the human fellowship, physical and emotional support we
once drew from each other with virtual connection. According to Jacob Amodie,
social media leads to emotional and psychological problems by fostering a false
sense of “online” connections and superficial friendships. (2015)


To conclude, with the
advancement in technology, social media has become an integral and vital part
of our lives. With different fields, its impact is different on different
people. It helps to increase collaboration between students hence improving the
education quality. It enhances business’s performance in various ways and is a
new forum that brings people to exchange idea, connect with, relate to, and
mobilize for a cause, seek advice, and offer guidance. (Jacob Amedie, 2015). Although
social media has brought us many benefits, it has come at a price.  False information may result in the failure of
education system, wrong advertisement in an organization can lead the business
to collapse and social media negatively impacts face-to-face social interaction
between family and friends. Hence, social media is like a two way sword. Use of
social media is beneficial but must be used in a limited way without getting addicted.