Social Networking Essay

Social networking: Beneficial or harmful? If someone says, “Facebook me! ” people are usually not surprised. Because, new terminology has come into our life such as “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… ” Are they so beneficial for us to use it every day, every hour? Most of the time its teenagers who are on social media all the timer especially Instagram or twitter nowadays, constantly checking our phones or updating our feed. It can be dangerous yet beneficial for everyone, Depending on how you use it.

One beneficial way would be reconnecting with old friends. And then some dangerous ways would just be getting to caught up in it and not focusing in other things, more important stuff. As an adult in their 30’s or 40’s there was no social networking when they were children, so there was no way to stay in touch other than a phone or seeing them in person and phones were just starting Out back then. They didn’t have the ability to save a contact, you either had to memorize it or write it down. And no way was there internet r any social Medias.

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Today we have Facebook, and it’s great because you can look up anyone and find them and reconnect with them. Rather it be an old high school friend or just a stranger you met one day at a coffee place. Then adding them as a friend to continue to stay in touch with them as the years go on, its really a cool thing. Mark Zuckerberg sure knew what he was doing when he invented this site. But, hold on its not all good… Social networking can be a dangerous thing as well. Now that you’re on the web, anyone can earch and find you.

It makes it a lot easier for someone interested in you to find you, your number, and even your address. There are a lot of creeps in the world, and you never know who could be looking at your page. Even keeping your page private doesn’t really do the trick. By looking up your name on google you can find pictures that you’ve posted in the past on a social networking site and those pictures will lead you right to your page. It’s a scary thing if you really think about it, that just anyone can find you.

Not only can be dangerous in that way but in a way of it being a huge distraction. As teenagers, some of us pay more attention to what other people are doing on Instagram or twitter than what we are doing in our own lives. Or even worse, while walking down the street or crossing a crosswalk most of us don’t even look up, we just walk with our heads looking down at our phones on social media cites. And more dangerous than that, we do it while were driving, which is lox worse. Most accidents today are cause by “texting and driving’.

We’re more interested in a 4 inch screen than the huge picture right in front of us. So in conclusion, yes social networking can be beneficial in ways like connecting with old friends or looking for something that you don’t have the answers to (not cheating). And its nice and interesting to see what our friends are doing and getting other ideas from them as well. But it can also be dangerous and a huge distraction in our lives. The world is right in front Of us, we just have to look up. Every one of us uses it both ways, but it’s how far we take it that differs us.