So to making money online Now, lets look at

So many
other have been lucky to build great fortunes from established online
making money machines.  You too can make extra cash online and even
build a stable source of income from an online business.

This article is an introductory to
making money online.

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You have to read the follow up
articles to have a full glimpse and understanding of making money online.


There are several means of generating
real money online though some of the methods will get you just peanuts
crumbs, but many others will bring you real cash. Struggling to find the appropriate
online business is one of the major challenge you will face as a beginner
venturing into this field.

while looking to discover the best
option, many beginners fall as to scammers who assure them of over night riches
or thousands at the click of a button. And after being scammed a number of
times, these beginners form the impression that online business
opportunities  are all scams.

Whether you have scammed before or
you are considering to  venture into making online so you are seeking
legitimate ways to making money online. Then, this article is designed to show
you proven and guaranteed ways to making money online

Now, lets look at these rewarding

Affiliate marketing

That is one of the best money-making
machines you can get online. Most bloggers and online business owners who
earn  up to 5 figures monthly make the
majority of their income from online affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing you have a
stream of passive income

What is affiliate
marketing? It is just a marketing practice, where you receives a commission
for convincing customers to buy something or service. In Affiliate marketing  you earn 
a commission by promoting another persons or a company’s products. You find a
product you like, promote it to others and earn a percentage of the profit for
every sale that you make.

In affiliate marketing programs You
sign-up to become a joint venture partner with any online  store of your
choice that offers this programs such as, EBay or

Next thing us for you to setup a
website or blog, through which  you advertise products from Amazon . com
or Jumia products. Whenever a customer buys something through your weblink or on
the  banner viewed on your website, you
get a commission percentage on that deal. That’s simply affiliate marketing.

So, as the traffic you get to your
website or blog increases, the more customers will choose the products you
market, and then the more income you make.


Freelance is when you get paid for
writing without being hired full time. A freelancer is self-employed person
offering services, usually to businesses and frequently to multiple clients at
the same time. The sort of work freelancers do varies. Many company always need
the services of freelancers one way or the other.  From online marketing,
such as social media, copywriting, and promotion, writing, such as articles and
blogs, scientific support, such as web coding and design, creative works such
as graphical design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.

If you have any of these skills, such
as writing, web page design, SEO, programming, graphic design, video creation,
and so forth, you can advertise online and entice clients who’ll purchase your

To catch the attention of and
encourage high-paying clients, you must begin by building a powerful and
professional online profile. Without one, there is no way you can influence
clients to employ you. There are many site like fiverr where you can trade your
skills for a fee.



If you’re a good article writer, you
can write an e-book. If you are a programmer, you can form your own software.
When you have a skill or knowledge that you think people wish to learn, you can
offer it into an information product and sell for revenue.

The really attractive part of the
business is the fact that you can continue steadily to generate profits from
your time and efforts for a long time – even when you’re sleeping or on holiday.

Training and online

When you have any skill or knowledge
that you think people would be thinking about, you may offer online training or
tutorial classes and demand participants to pay for them. You can register on
Udemy to run an online course for a fee. You must understand how to work with
Skype and exactly how to arrange webinars.

You can make lots of money from
uploading videos on a YouTube channel. opportunity abound for you in this area.
We shall be showing you how in subsequent post.

When you can convince people that you
are a specialist, you’ll catch the attention of interested clients, and you
will earn more income.

Flipping websites

Flipping Website has become the
hottest money making opportunity online today. Website flipping simply means the
business of buying and selling websites. Many online Entrepreneurs today also
build a profitable website business out of scratch and later on sell it for a
great profit. You can view our article on how you can make money by flipping

Some tips about what flipping
requires: You setup a new site or blog and then build and  develop it with high quality articles and
building backlinks to it. Your May goal is to build it from scrape and
transform it into a higher traffic blog, that has a very high profit capacity.
Once you have achieved this you can then sell it to interested clients at a
great price. The purchase price is determined by the profitability.


6. Blogging

Blogging serves as foundation and a
platform for all the online businesses. To increase your benefit from affiliate
marketing online, freelancing, advertising and selling your product, and
offering online training, you will have to operate a blog – one centered around
your selected business. Developing a blog can help you attract a sizable
audience, build trust, and build yourself as a specialist in your field.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make money
from other online sites without a blog. It just means creating a blog is way
better to achieve your making money online goals. There are online marketers
making big money with a static one-page websites

Blogging by itself can be considered
a great income source Even if you don’t have intentions of promoting some other
business with your site. If you can create a high traffic blog, you’ll make
plenty of money from pay-per-click advertisings (Adsense, etc.), sponsored
advertisings, sponsored posts, etc.

There are several way you can make
money online But I’ve limited this post to these six for 4 reasons. In subsequent
post we shall review other viable options.