Smruti Spanish and I was the only one who



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Melissa Ayala



                          The assignments are
pending for submissions, your parents are screaming at you because you did not
do your chores. But you got to submit your assignment by tonight and study for
a test that you got a take in class tomorrow. Especially when you are taking
classes which are very challenging and you are afraid of failing the class
because of the higher degree you want a get. You are totally stressed out.

             Stress is truly regular part of life. From
time to time it can have a harmful consequence on your health. Stress can have
a big impact on the nervous system and it can result in long time drain on the
body example, like wear and rip on the body. When the body is stressed because
you are studying long hours for school, or facing discrimination,harassment
at school or college which especially leads to Ostracism may not leave external
marks but surely will create a stress that is often deeper and lasts more
longer than physical injury. Why does it last longer because of the painful
emotional state can be continued for the long term.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Do you
remembered when you got left out from the group or else Unnoticed? I remembered
when I was in in middle school I felt apart from the group in my English class
because they all spoke Spanish and I was the only one who knew English and
Indian language. In a mock- interview study A linguistic outsider named
Dotan-Eliaz,2009. In the study females felt more left out although if
interviewers used gender-exclusive language (he, his, him) rather than
inclusive (his, her, she) or neutral (their) language (Stout &
Ostracism can have a deep long permanent result on your psychological
and physical health. Like, there are some things you undergo when you face
ostracism. Ostracism meaning like when
you are alone from everyone else
because you are different. There are various methods of ostracism that
people use internationally like deport, imprisonment, isolation-to punish and
take control of their public actions. When you time out kids for a short period
of time It would be punishing for them. The unpleasant thing you could do to
someone is ignore them and not respond to them at all. When you know specially
they cannot fight back or could do anything 
 about it. Ostracism can cause
lingering pain in your brain which can cause a lot of stress to the person.
There was a girl name lea said ”I never should have been born” who had been a
lifelong victim of silent treatment by her mom and grand mom. People who are
like lea frequently reply to ostracism with initial efforts to reinstate their
acceptance, with miserable attitudes and then finally withdrawal. So, prisoner
William Blake (2013) has spent more than a quarter-century in solitary
confinement said “I cannot fathom how dying any death could be harder and more
terrible than living through all that I have been forced to endure, people
responded to ostracism with tension. I have myself in life experienced
banishment when I say something, and they just walk past you without even
saying anything or looking at you are Gone slowly.                                                                                                                                       
From the two strategies the first one that I tried for a week was Emotion-focused
coping every day when I get home from college my parents are always fighting, and
both would take out all the anger on me, so I would get angry at them and I be
fighting with them too because I get blamed foe nothing. But then I realized I
do not want this everyday in my life so next time I get home I just go to my
room and listen to loud music on my earphone and watch tv which helped me
forget about all the fighting and not hear a word and relaxed. And then next
day two or three days I just took a walk outside my community that helped me
calm by the time I got home or other days I just called my best friend on
facetime and just started acting like my parents are not fighting at all
started parents were like why are you smiling and not angry at all
this is surprising.