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    Smoke and Ashes: The Story of the Holocaust Revised & Expanded Edition by Barbara Rogasky published by Holiday House, Inc./New York.  I believe the author is trying to convey that if one sits back when they believe something is wrong but does not take a stand because it does to affect them that evil will win every time until we take a stand.  The book taught me a lot about how the Holocaust affect people in the world and how it still impacts the world.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust or history in general.    I think children suffered the most during the Holocaust in the book a child said “I am hungry.  I am cold. When I grow up I want to be a German, and then I will no longer be hungry or cold.” (pg. 39).  This child had to clue why she wanted to be something she was not it is not right to do that to a child.  The Jews had very little to eat which caused them to die from starvation and many other diseases.  “The revisionists: Six million Jews were not killed. They were still in Europe at the end of the war, except for a few hundred thousand”(pg. 226).  If million of Jews were not killed during the Holocaust what happened to them?  Why would unaccurate numbers be told to the public by such a dramatic er?    In Europe during the Holocaust Ghettos were created as a place to store Jews.  This area was very small and many people lived in this area outside of town.  A fence or wall was built around it to keep all the Jews inside.  Many Jews died in the night and were stacked in a pile somewhere in the Ghetto.  People had nowhere to go during the day and they never went out of the Ghetto.  Some parents sent their young small kids throught holes in the wall to steal food from passing carts and other places.  Some kids got caught and shot in front of their mom or parents when trying to come back in others were not caught.  Sometimes even the mom or parents were shot after their parent.    After the Holocaust some people did not believed it happened.  Others believed they were Nazis and believed that Germany should not have lost the war.  ” In Germany, two sixteen-years-old males and their twenty-four-year-old friend attacked an African immigrant, who died three day later.  They later admitted to membership in a neo-Nazi group”(pg 216).  ” In Italy during Mardi Gras, a float appeared with a nearly full-size model of the entrance to Birkenau, including the sign ARBEIT MACHT FREI.  Revelers wear striped concentration-camp uniforms”(pg 216).  “In Argentina the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires was bombed, killing 29 people, Jews and non-jews.  Two years later in the same city, the Jewish Community Building was destroyed, killing 86.  Those responsible have never been found”(pg 216).  “In Austria and Germany neo-Nazi computer games circulated widely.  One of the most popular is ‘Concentration Camp Manager.’  The goal is to run the camp efficiently and sent as many people as possible to the gas chambers”(pg 216).  These are just a few of the things that happened in Germany after the Holocaust.    The Holocaust was a terrible time for Jews even if only about a hundred thousand instead of six million Jews died. “It is not possible to have gassed six million people to death in such a short period of time”(pg 222).  It is even to be said that it was not possible that many Jews were killed in gas chambers because there was a very small trace of the drug in the vehicles to die from.  The Holocaust made kids want to be Germans which is upsetting because we are taught to be ourselves and they want to be someone else.  I recommend this  book to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust or just history in general.  It also gives you facts on The Holocaust that may of may not affect the story of the Holocaust forever.