Slavery men are created equal,'” but he abuses the

Slavery can be dated back to our history, it is inevitable. With slavery comes inequality and racial discrimination. Benjamin Banneker, son of former slaves, wrote a daring letter to the eminent Thomas Jefferson, expressing his negative thoughts towards slavery while applying the use of Jefferson’s on work, religion, and the repetition the use of the word “sir”. Banneker often utilizes  Jefferson’s own work to show Jefferson contradicting himself. Banneker keeps ramming Jefferson with the words he wrote himself ” ‘We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal.’ ” Here, Banneker takes a renowned quote out of the  deceiving Declaration of Independence in which the United States wanted to leave Great Britain’s reign just as slaves want to vacate their master’s ownership. This quote proves that Jefferson is making a hypocrite out of himself with him claiming that “‘ all men are created equal,'” but he abuses the slave system. Another strategy Banneker utilizes is the appeal to religion. Banneker states that Jefferson is fully aware of the ” benevolence of the Father of mankind and of his equal and impartial distribution of those rights and privileges which he had conferred upon them ,” but Jefferson disregards that slavery is not “equal” nor an ” impartial distribution of those rights and privileges.” This shows that despite Jefferson and Banneker believing in the same God, and rights, Jefferson is not equal towards all. This gives the audience the thought that Banneker is actually a polite person, meanwhile Jefferson is not. Also the use constant use of the word “Sir” shows that Banneker has nothing, but respect for Jefferson. The word “Sir” also signifies that Jefferson is a leader of a great nation and is rotting it with his unequal thoughts. Banneker tries to depict Jefferson as a leader whose leniency and approval of slavery is allowing select men be treated worse than animals by followers of God. Banneker is attempting to gain attention towards the leaders of our great nation to fix their evitable mistakes. Banneker uses religion and Jefferson’s words to prove him in the wrong.