Since world a better place? Ever since WW1, WW2

Since the world’s introduction to the first WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), people started to see these weapons in different perspectives. But as people recklessly use them, it affected environments, cities and generation. As we witnessed the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Hydrogen bomb in island of Elugelab and acknowledged their power, countries became desperate and started manufacturing their own WMD like USA and Russia, both are now known as the superpowers due to their immense amount warheads, missiles, nukes, and military. It became well known that WMDs are the most deadly type of weapons as it contains many types under its category like the chemical, biological, nuclear, atomic, hydrogen, etc. Even though we acknowledged how destructive these are, how did they start to make the world a better place? Ever since WW1, WW2 these weapons were never used. Even though after WW2 when the USA and the USSR were in the cold war, USA created the nuclear bomb first and could have destroyed USSR. Therefore the USSR created the nuclear bomb, both superpowers were ready to launch these nukes and destroy each other and the whole world will watch the greatest hanabi* in the history; but they didn’t launch nukes  because both were certain that if a nuclear war start there will be no winner. Also the existence and the fear of these WMDs prevented any war since the WW2 about 73 years ago. If we suppose that the WMDs didn’t exist, yeah Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have survived and island of Elugelab wouldn’t be vaporized, but WW2 could have lasted for couple more years and more millions will die, and mainly USA and Russia would still be superpowers and if they decided to take over any country none could stop them, in other words, people will die, it’s their destiny. For example, thousands years ago were WMDs didn’t exist yet, an empire called the Mongol empire that was ruled by Genghis Khan who killed 40 million by bare knives. Another example is the Holocaust that occurred between 1933-1945 and an estimate of 7 million people were killed by Hitler. It’s not something new hat there is wars or people dying, it’s since the pharaohs and even before them and wars existed along with dying people. Another example that people bluff about using WMDs is when Kim Jong-un said to USA that the button to launch nukes is right next to him, then Trump responded and said the his button is bigger than Kim’s; Even after the big talk nothing happened, they just want to make each other fear each other. Overall, it’s because of humans’ nature that wars are created not because of weapons.



Hanabi*: is a Japanese word that means fireworks

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