Sierra in Economic activities, other than the Mining. However,

Leone, has been ranked to be among
poorest countries
in the world on different occasion. More than fifty percent of the
population at the working age are participating on farming on a
subsistence scale.
Still healing up from the civil war, the country amasses lots of
resources which includes minerals but
not limited to Agricultural and Fishing.

there was a boom in the mining sector which was mainly related to the
iron ore export. This was the main influence of the ecnonmy strength
and growth but it is determined by the demand and supply of these
product by the world markets. The governments has ben consistently
look up to aid from International Organization to support it budget
but it was gradually becoming less dependent until the Ebola
outbreak. This outbreak and Epidemic was an epidemic to country as
we as its economic activity as it led to a sincere shrunk and a
negative result of the gross domestic product.

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Epidemic has been officially declared ended in November, 2015. A fall
in the price of products, couple with no export as well as a shrinked
economic activity, led to the highest fiscal shortage. The
other economic activity were restrained by lack of structural
platform which includes no electricity, very poor road network and
transportation. There were hopes of a boom in iron ore mining
activity to slightly support the economy but it was not futile.

expansion of the economy would be determined by the increase in
prices of products as well as the focusing on wide varieties of
activities for growth in Economic activities, other than the Mining.
However, an acute intervention of corruption, severe lack of human
resources are the made reasons for foreign direct investment.
However, since there are sustainable sources of international
support, these support might help balance out these differences.(The
World Factbook —