Should all around the community come to watch games

Should Collegiate Athletes Be Paid? College athletics is a billion dollar industry and has been for a long time. Athletics have gained a great deal of popularity throughout the years which has increased the question should college athletes be paid? In retrospect, athletes work just as hard as the coaches and faculty but their pay grade is not as equal. The NCAA earns 995.9 million dollars from partnerships such as, CBS, FOX, and other broadcasts. Also most of their money comes from NCAA championships, more so ticket sales. College athletes should be paid because they bring the school they’re playing for popularity, put in more countless hours of work than regular students , and they bring in money towards the program. To begin with, Larger universities rely on student-athletes so that they can bring in money for them. Players look around and “see jerseys being sold with their names on them”.(Emmert) so why restrict them from taking in money. People from all around the community come to watch games for mainly one reason which is to watch a certain player(s). Without these players, they would not be able to make jersey sales and as well as ticket sales which would cause the university to lose money and not be able to further improve the program. If universities are selling these jerseys and relying off of sales then the student-athletes on campus should be able to have an income because without them there would not be nearly as much money. To add on, “The NCAA itself takes in $800 million dollars a year”. (Emmert) which you may be thinking is an excessive amount. Without student-athletes participating in sports the NCAA would not be earning any money. Athletes are not stupid and they realize that tons of people are wearing their jerseys and cheering them on. With the NCAA making this much money they as a whole should set money aside for student-athletes and make it permissible to pay them. In addition, although student-athletes already receive money through a scholarship some may argue that they should not get paid because “they are not professionals” (Odyssey). Student-athletes attend a university to get an education and to play a certain sport that will prepare them for the future in which this case may be going professional or reaching your dreams of a job you have always wanted to do.  With that being said student-athletes should not be getting paid because they are still trying to achieve their goal of going professional so until they do they should not be earning any money. Also “If a school pays one athlete, then they have to pay all athletes, and colleges just can’t afford to pay every single athlete”.(Lennox) to add on, colleges would not be able to pay every athletes simply because they would have to cut other sports. Furthermore, if schools were to pay student-athletes then it would just worsen the situation. These universities instead of paying the athletes could be putting in money towards the program. In conclusion, Student-athletes should be getting paid because of the amount of time they put into their sport. Not all athletes get a scholarship and if they do it is mostly partial. They work countless hours in training and in the classroom, they bring in money to the school, and they bring in popularity to the school that they play. Since not everyone goes pro and these athletes are bring in money they should receive an income.