Service of service and customer satisfaction if they want

Service quality is the first step to providing customer
satisfaction. Quality is understood differently by different people, it may
be seen by someone as doing something correctly and to another an experience.
The dictionary meaning of quality is “how good or bad something is”, While the dictionary
meaning of Service is “a valuable action of
assisting someone or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfil a demand”.


     Service quality is
defined as how well a delivered service meet the customers’ expectations. According
to Parasuraman et al. (1985), Service
quality is the difference between the customer expectations and their actual performance.
According to Drucker (1991), service quality is “what the customer
gets out and is willing to pay for” rather than “what the supplier puts in. Drucker
also stated that “it is not what the organisation thinks is important but what
the customer thinks is important”.

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     Quality of service
is measured by the SERVQUAL model and they include; reliability, tangible,
responsiveness, assurance, and empathy, these dimensions helps to fulfil customer
expectation (Parasuraman et al. 1988). When hotels measure their services on a
regular basis, its helps them improve the quality of service offered so as to
satisfy their customers. Studies have shown that if hotels provide
quality service regularly, it will increase their number of loyal customers (Backs
et al. 2003).


     Service quality directly or indirectly
generates revisits and positive word of mouth communication, positive
word-of-mouth is very important for hotels, it has been shown that quality
service leads to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction leads to positive
word-of-mouth (Bontis et al. 2007).
According to Baker (2000) service quality results in customer satisfaction,
loyalty and profit. It is therefore important for hotels to focus
on improving their quality of service and customer satisfaction if they want to
succeed in the market.


service quality can be achieved by employee motivation. A happy employee means
a happier customer. If employees are treated well and motivated it will show in
their interaction with the customers, and if not treated well and motivated it
will also show in their interaction with the customers. Hotel managers should
treat their employees well, motivate and train them to be polite, respectful
and friendly (Vijayadurai 2008).


Some of the benefits of service quality are; it gives an identity to the
hotel and distinguishes it from other hotels, the hotel will generate new
customers and the old customers will be loyal and this will result in higher sales and
profits, it will help in the publicity of the hotel and good brand image as
customers who had good experience will tell it to their friends and families. The
aim of providing quality services is to satisfy customers.