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Self promotion is a relevant and sufficient marketing tactic commonly used in today’s society. Numerous individuals use self promotion to strengthen their brand. Celebrities dominate the self promoting market, as they are already in the public eye due to their success and achievements in Hollywood. They are the experts in this business and are the ones that are seen on billboards, social media, in commercials, and other mediums. Anytime celebrities interact with a brand they’ve created, appear on television, or even post a picture on social media, they are self-promoting. Celebrities are the face of their own brand, whether they promote themselves through a clothing line, a fragrance, or any type product that keeps them in the public eye.In today’s society, people are fascinated with celebrities and are constantly updating themselves on the latest news about celebrities through social media. This platform, along with networking sites, has influenced the way millennials, ages 18-34, access, use, and share information on the Internet. Millennials are becoming culturally dependent on social media and network platforms as a means for connecting with others, specifically celebrities. Celebrities are constantly building their brand and social media makes this information easy and accessible for consumers, especially the generation of millennials. Self-promotion is growing rapidly through the use of technology, and celebrities continue to exhibit their path to success in this industry by connecting with the public through social media and other mediums. Social media has proven to serve as a strong vehicle that reaches mass numbers of consumers in a short period of time.  It helps strengthens brand names, allows celebrities to have their own voice regarding their products, and shows the products in use.  Celebrity publicity as self promotion:  Self Sellin’ Celebs is a modern media outlet that focuses on the marketing tactics utilized by a variety of famous figures in Hollywood, in order to self promote their names and their products through multiple media channels. With a review of how these particular celebrities use self promotion techniques, this blog highlights and analyzes various media outlets, such as social media platforms, commercials, and TV, that further allow celebrities to market themselves and their brands. Thus, providing insight into why self promotion continues to be successful in today’s society.Each post in the blog outlines a particular celebrity’s strategy to self promoting, as well as present the effectiveness of their use of different media channels. Celebrities discussed include Bethenny Frankel, Dr. Dre, Kate Hudson, and Kylie Jenner. Although each celebrity has a slightly different target audience when promoting themselves and their products, the blog focuses on millennials, future consumers as the target market for these celebrities.