Scientometric library and information science. In 1969, V. Nalimov

Study of Experimental and Molecular Medicine Journal

Dr. Suradkar, Priya Ashok

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Vidyadhan College Aurabgabad

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Dr. DayaDalve (Patil)


S.B.E.S. college of Science,

Maharashtra- India

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The study presents the trends in scientometric study
journal of Experimental and Molecular Medicine with a sample of 1032 articles
during the period 2001–2013. Co-authored highest articles, Findings of the
analysis revealed that the majority of the publications are contributed by
multiple authors; The average number of citations per paper is almost
31.27; the
citations to journals are on Rank First with 24798, highest number of articles
is English language found during the study, Stony Brook
is highest contributed articles.

Keywords: Scientometric Analysis, Scientometric, Bibliometric,
citation analysis, Experimental and Molecular Medicine, E-Journals.


Scientometric is to provide quantitative characterization of scientific
activity; scientometric is branch of library and information science. In 1969,
V. Nalimov and Z.M. Mulchenko coined the Russian equivalent of the term
‘scientometric’ (‘nalkometriyas’) (Nalimov and Mulchenko, 1969). This enables
to evaluate the size of scientific production on the assumption that the
essence of scientific activity is the assumption the production of knowledge
(Garfield, 2000).

Authorship studies also descriptive bibliometric studies focused on
authorship patterns. . A total of 1032 records of publications authored by 6545
authors during the period 2001 – 2013 were analyzed in this study.

The paper
consists of five main parts: introduction, literature review, research design,
results and discussions, and conclusions.

Definitional Analysis:-

2.1  Bibliometrics:

According to Sengupta:

“Organization, classification and
quantitative evaluation of publication patterns of all macro and micro
communication along with their authorships by mathematical and statistical

2.2  Scientometrics:

A complex of quantitative
mathematical and statistical methods used to investigate such aspects as
research staff, and to define evolutionary & prospectus of science (Bonitz,
1999). Scientometrics is a very recent term .It is often used synonymously with
the term bibliometrics.

2.3  Scientometric analysis:

main currency for an academician is his reputation just as that for the
politician is the politician is the power the commands and that for the
business person is the wealth he has accumulated (Becher, 1989).

2.4  E-Journals:

are defined as the grouping of information that is sent out in electronic form
with some regularity. It covers any serial or serial like publication available
in electronic format, which is produced published and distributed
electronically. (Ramesh, Yeranagula, 2003).

Experimental and Molecular Medicine:

& Molecular Medicine (EMM) is Korea’s first biochemistry journal (founded in
1964) and is relaunched in 1996 as an Open Access, fully peer-reviewed
international journal devoted to publishing the latest and most important
advances in genetic, molecular and cellular studies of human physiology and

of Literature:

Scientometric is complex of
quantitative method which is used to investigate the process of science.
According to Kademani and et al. (2005) the key scientometric concepts include:
if scientist is renowned personality in this field these specializations will
naturally attracts more number of collaborators. Suradkar P.A. and Dr. Dalve
Daya (2016) carried out the study presents the trends in authorship pattern and
authors collaborative research in Academic Emergency Medicine Journal with a
sample of 3586 articles during the period 2001-2013. Mahapatra and Kaul
(1992); Singh (2007); Balasubramanian and Bhaskar, (1984); Kogamuramath,
(2001); Kumar, (1984); James, (2008), Deshpande (1997); indicates that the use of
analysis of chronological distribution show that older documents are less cited
than newer ones. Le Minor, (1991), complied an inventory a list of article that
subservient to the appearance of the original article refers to as cite article
this method has been used expensively in the legal profession and is
particularly applicable to scientific literature. Wilson, (2001) analyzed. It
is useful to establish a list of journals mostly cited by the author. Ojedokun
and Owolabi, (2003); indicates that the year wise distributions of citation use
an idea about scattering and. expansion of the subject or discipline. Marklein
(1997) carried out a study in the specific period how many book and periodicals
are articles or articles are distributed in a specific period. Lehnus (1973);
analyzed Authors enrich a subject by their contributions citation analysis
studies identify the familiar and prominent in the field.

Data Analysis:

present study is based on 13 volumes, 12 issued per volume per year of the E-
journal Experimental and Molecular Medicine during
2001- 2013. The present study is based on overall 1032 articles.

Objectives of the studies:

examine the year wise distribution of contribution.

To observe the Authorship pattern among the
To find out distribution of contribution
To examine the types of Form wise
To find out the Age-wise distribution of
To observe the language wise distribution.
To find out Geographical distribution of

Year-wise distribution of publication.

an attempt was made to calculate the scholarly publication in the form of
during the period of ten year for Table-1 and graph-1 presents the year wise
distribution of publication.