Science and can distract us. Nobody really knew how

Science NewsRaymond Sansonetti the recent article, Everyday Mysteries: Why songs get stuck in our heads, written by Science Friday, adapted by Newsela staff, scientists try to explore what causes earworms. An earworm is a song or part of a song that gets stuck in your head, eventually leading you to replay and sing it over and over again in your head. Earworms can be very annoying, and even though we know what they are, we still have no real idea of why they are caused. Some scientists conducted an experiment to try and figure out why we get earworms. Although they could not figure out exactly why they are caused, they did figure out what helps earworms get in your head, and how to get rid of them. They discovered that earworms are often created by listening to one song many times. Your brain remembers one note, reminding it of the next note. This  cycle continues until your brain has not focused on one part of the song enough to remember it. One thing that also makes earworms worse is stress. The scientists conducting the experiment found that when someone is extremely stressed, they will begin thinking of  a song, which will lead to an earworm. The best way to get rid of an earworm is to focus on something else, such as another activity, song, or even a different part of that song.This applies to the world because music is extremely important to modern culture, and even culture to ancient civilizations. Music, until television, has always been possibly the largest way to get entertainment, and ever since there has been music, there have been earworms. Although earworms never really do much damage to us, they are extremely annoying and can distract us. Nobody really knew how or why we get earworms. Why is music the reason we get stuff stuck in our head and not television? Well finally a group of scientists have made groundbreaking research in the topic.