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Sam Mortezagholi
Mrs. Huang
7th  English
January 24, 2018
Research Report Draft
“Leading an empire can be a challenge”-Anonymous. Cyrus the great was a leader that changed the world. He created the Persian empire. Cyrus the great lived in the ancient period though by the time of his death, had the largest empire known to man. Cyrus the great was a powerful and kind king who conquered many lands and left a great impression as the leader of the Persian empire.

  It was said that Cyrus the great was born in around 600 Bc to “Mandane of Media” (Mother) and Cambyses I (Father). He was born in “Persis”. A myth has emerged that his grandfather (Astyages) had a dream, where a flood would occur and a baby would be born. His grandfather got interpretations of this dream and made the decision to kill the baby when he was born. This gruesome task was given to “Harpagus”, an advisor. Luckily, he was reluctant to do this task, so he gave the task to a shepherd named “Milthradates”. The shepherd decided to raise Cyrus in secrecy, by killing his own son and giving them the wrong person to the king. Soon, Cyrus got sent back to his biological parents since he got into trouble. Soon he became powerful.

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  Cyrus the great became king in 559 Bc,  many years before his father did. His grand father launched an attack on Cyrus. He won the attack due to Harpagus contacting him beforehand. Astayges surrendered to Cyrus, sparing his life. He gained power of “Parsa” through his uncle named Arsames,  giving up the throne. This was not him forcing to give up the throne as Arsames became a govenor  under Cyrus’s rule. His relationships helped him through the hard times of life.

Throughout his life time, Cyrus the great made enemies and friends for life, such as Cassandane, who became his wife during his lifetime.  Cassadane was dearly loved by Cyrus. Also, Harpagus was a great advisor to Cyrus because as mentioned in the paragraph before, if it wasn’t for him, Cyrus would not be able to rule or be alive, if this were to be true, history would be changed and many things wouldn’t be the way there were today. Harpagus was loyal to Cyrus thus strengthening their relationship.

Cyrus the great helped the kingdom of Persia with inventions and contributions that would change the world today. First, he created the mai