Saladin final one. First there was the battle south

Saladin was the sultan of egypt and the leader of the muslims who led forces into battle on crusades. He liberated jerusalem and conquered the holy land, from Guy king of Jerusalem,  as well as many other things within his lifetime. Saladin was born in the year 1138, Tikrit, Iraq. He was born into religion and grew up fighting for the muslim society. In his early life saladin’s uncle was a general for muslim armies who was engaged in a fierce struggle between a rival faction who was lead by shirku. Fighting for his uncle and his homeland he set off to climb the ranks and attempt to defend his religion.As he grew higher through the chain of power and received promotion after promotion. In the years to come Saladin led troops in a crusade in palestine. This resulted in a successful conquest of Yemen and defended the locals from attacks from northern Egypt. In 1075 he conquered Hama and Homs and gained the respect of other leaders in the middle east. Shortly after he was crowned the sultan of egypt after defeating the zengid army at the battle of the Horns of Hama. Saladin made two further conquests in the regions of northern Syria and Jazairia. This prompted two Assassins to take his life, they failed to do so. Saladin then returned to Egypt to start another conquest on the zengid stronghold known as Mosul. He failed to do so. Saladin’s most notable siege in his life was his conquering of the holy land or jerusalem. Saladin was a crusader that led the muslim army into battle, inspired the hearts of men and never backed down no matter what. There were two notable crusades leading up to the final one. First there was the battle south of Hattin, this is one of the most successful crusades and what saladin is widely praised for.In the second crusade saladin was unable to defeat the armies of King Richard the first (Lionheart) who, using a choke point was able to fight off the incoming attacks. The third crusade Saladin managed to force a victory. Many credit this to the moral that Saladin inspired within his men.Saladin is one of the greatest leaders in history and an amazing representative to the arabic culture. Leading men to victory Saladin was the deciding factor for the muslim popularity today.