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Running Head: Industry Research (Food Manufacturing)     Industry Research (Food Manufacturing)Group 4 Assignment # 3 Course Title: MKT 3213_9 – Business Intelligence I (W2018)  Submitted by:Clinton Thomas C0720523Samiksha Sharma C0721457Parveen Kaur C0716171Ravneet Kaur C0712489Lambton College in Toronto  Submitted to:Professor Alex Cumine Submission Date:January 31, 2018 Definition of GIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping TechnologyGeographic Information Systems is a PC based instrument that examines, stores, controls and imagines geographic data, for the most part in a guide. (GISGegoraphy, n.d.)  The principal GIS was made by Dr. Roger Tomlinson and after that presented in the mid 1960s in Canada. Amid its beginning, this framework was fundamentally implied for gathering, putting away and after that dissecting the ability and potential which the land in the country regions had. Preceding this, mapping utilizing PCs was being utilized for such cases, yet this is a strategy that had various impediments related to it. Before the finish of the 80s time frame, the utilization of GIS had just turned out to be prominent in other related fields which is the reason it prompted a goad in the development of the modern division. As of late, fashioners thought of open source programming for GIS with the goal that the splendid innovation can be upgraded in a substantially less complex way while being made accessible to all. (GISlounge, n.d.)  A geographic data framework (GIS) is a PC framework for catching, putting away, checking, and showing information identified with positions on Earth’s surface. By relating apparently disconnected information, GIS can enable people and associations to better comprehend spatial examples and connections.  GIS can utilize any data that incorporates area. The area can be communicated from multiple points of view, for example, scope and longitude, address, or ZIP code.  A wide range of sorts of data can be looked at utilizing GIS. The framework can incorporate information about individuals, for example, populace, pay, or instruction level. It can incorporate data about the scene, for example, the area of streams, various types of vegetation, and various types of soil. It can incorporate data about the locales of manufacturing plants, homesteads, and schools; or tempest channels, streets, and electric electrical cables. (NationalGeographic, n.d.)  Clarification: GIS mapping improvement gives data on the certified necessities and issues as it is topographically sorted out PC headway. Data here is ordinarily the visual cognizance of the information. This mapping progression isolates and passes on maps of various types. A fragment of the blueprints solidifies GPS satellites. It besides makes an illustration of the geographic information into plot. It can be utilized for helpful, condition, affirmation, government and so forth. GIS mapping advancement is the most capable mechanical gathering utilized for securing any data that can be about masses or climate.  Sources of Global Information and DemographicsSocioeconomics examination can cover whole social requests or get-togethers portrayed by criteria, for instance, preparing, nationality, religion, and ethnicity. Informative establishments generally view demography as a field of human science, however there are different free demography divisions. Formal demography limits its inquiry of think to the estimation of populace shapes, while the broader field of social demography or populace considers furthermore examinations the associations between money related, social, and natural strategies affecting a populace.Sources of Global Information and Demographics:1.Online data: Data may be collected from online sources which are vastly available over the world wide web. It is the most cost-efficient method of attaining information about any information. For example: sites like UN Data may be used to gather required information about demographics, energy statistics, etc.2.International subsidiary sources: In most cases, globalized companies collect required information they require from their branches or subsidiaries located in other countries or regions. This data may be used by the corporate management team to make various strategic decisions. For example: Mondelez Canada may contact its branch in India in case it requires any information from that region to make a new product launch, etc.3.Research company: Many a times, companies choose to hire a research company to collect data on for improvisation or development purposes. These research companies may conduct questionnaires or use similar tactics to generate reports. For example: Neilsen 4.Business Consultants: Major companies, to save time, sometimes purchase data for a price from companies that have already collected data by means of research. For example: KPMG.5.Print Media: The oldest form of media does portray relevant news and information. This may include periodicals, reports, magazines, newspapers, etc. Identification and Definition of IndustryIndustry Type: Food ManufacturingBusiness Name: Mondel?z InternationalSustenance and drink handling is the second biggest assembling industry in Canada as far as estimation of creation and is the biggest purchaser of Canadian rural items. It is a key financial division. The sustenance and refreshment handling industry are the second biggest assembling industry in Canada as far as estimation of creation with shipments worth $105.5 billion out of 2014; it represents 17% of aggregate assembling shipments and for 2% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It’s the biggest assembling business and gives work to 246,000 Canadians.  The Canadian sugar and ice cream parlor item industry, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 3113, contains foundations that are principally occupied with assembling sugar and dessert shop items. The Canadian sugar and confectionary industry incorporates an assortment of items, for example, sugars, biting gum, hack drops, granola bars, chocolate bars, liquorice, and hard treat.  Mondel?z International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is one of the world’s biggest bites organizations, with 2016 net incomes of roughly $26 billion. The reason and vision are to make more snapshots of delight by building the best nibbling organization on the planet. Our 90,000 workers bolster this exertion by assembling and showcasing delightful nourishment and refreshment items for buyers in roughly 165 nations around the globe. They are a world pioneer in bread rolls, chocolate, gum, confection and powdered drinks. They hold the No. 1 position all around in bread rolls and confection and additionally the No. 2 position in chocolate and gum. (MondelezInternational, n.d.) The current outlook for industry in a worldwide context and in the Canadian market.Current outlook of mondelez in canadian market(Statista, 2018) Business ReportCompany Name: MondelezAddress: 136 East mall Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z5V5Website: www.mondelezinternational.comMission statement: the power of big. and smallCEO: Dirk Van De PutVice president: Tim CoferHistory:  Mondelez Canada Inc. was set up in 2012 after Kraft Food Company spun off their basic supply portfolio. This new Worldwide bite organization incorporates.Christie (treat, wafers), which was a piece of the Nubisc0o business procured by Philip Morris Companies in 2000 and converged with Kraft foods in 2001Cadbury (Chocolate, gum, confection), which was procured by Kraft Foods Company in 2010. (Mondelez International, n.d.)Primary North American Industrial Classification System Codes (NAICS)2 Digit NAICS Code31 manufacturing3 Digit NAICS Code311 Manufacturing4 Digit NAICS Code311211 Manufacturing(MondelezInternational, n.d.)Strategic Plan of Mondelez:At Mondelez International, the procedure globe gets the personality, what they stay for and what they have to achieve. This visual model of their technique clarifies our excitement for advancement for their family, their business and their impact on their general environment. (Mondelez International, n.d.) (Mondelez International, n.d.)  ReferencesGISGegoraphy. (n.d.). Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from (n.d.). 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