Rose the Christmas spirit. My son’s face lightened up

Rose Ann Joy De Vera Giron                                                                 HUM 2

Assignment #1                                                                     January 19, 2018

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1.                 Yes. The parol is an art. The maker spent much time, talent and love for his/her work. It is just small but it is a very detailed work. I believe that he/she happily made it considering the people will be very joyous and feel the Christmas spirit seeing it.

 I remember last Christmas, my son was asked to bring Christmas decors to his school. I went to the market but I didn’t buy a parol because it was expensive. I also thought most of his classmates would bring one so I decided to buy garland instead. My son was unhappy with the garland I bought. He said it’s not a Christmas décor and he really wanted a parol to bring to his school. I couldn’t bear seeing him unhappy. I started searching the web and found ideas on how to make a parol. It wasn’t easy. It should be very detailed and attractive. While making it started to think about God and felt the Christmas spirit. My son’s face lightened up when he saw may work and proudly brought it to his school. I thought to myself parol is really a symbol for Christmas.



2.      Parol is a very special Christmas symbol for Filipinos. It is not just a display but it represents more of our culture, faith and tradition. Parol symbolized the star of Bethlehem. It was written in the Bible that the three wise men followed the brightest star because it led them to the exact location of Jesus Christ. Based from the story I read. Parol was used to light the path and guide the believers attending the 9-day mass of simbang gabi. Instead of throwing them, parols were hang outside the house. Several years had passed yet it is still a big part of Christmas tradition in the Philippines. It is now made with different materials yet the symbol of it is still the same.