Rome help if you were sick. The romans believed

Rome was said to be
founded by Romulus and Remus, they are the twin son of the god mars. They
founded Rome about 753 B.C. Rome was known for its background. They spoke more
than five languages including: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and
Romanian.  Rome spent about 450 Year’s as
a Roman Republic. During the Republic the Roman accomplished building the great
roads of Rome, the great arches, the aqueducts. They even invented a public
health system where you could get help if you were sick. The romans believed
heavily in living a healthy life. In the middle of the Republic the 2 Consuls(
which was like the presidents of Rome) made the very first Roman code of law.
Towards the end of the Republic the Roman military generals rises up and took
over Rome numerous times. Right before the Republic was to end Julius Caesar
was brutally stabbed to death. After the republic ends Caesar Augustus, Julius
Caesar’s nephew takes over Rome and leads Rome into a state of peace and Rome
began to prosper.  Rome finally fell due
to bad leadership and civil war tore apart the riches of Rome.


U.S.A. Background.

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The land of the free
home of the brave was founded by none other than the founding fathers. The
founding fathers are as follows: George Washington, was also our first
president before he fell ill.  Also know
for his outstanding performance in the revolutionary war. Thomas Jefferson who
was the third president and also the principal author of the Declaration of
Independence. John Adams,  Was the second
president of the United States.  Benjamin
Franklin, was the inventor of many things for example, lightning rod, bifocals,
swimming flippers, the Franklin stove(kind of 
like the modern day wood stove.) 
Also on the $100 bill. James Madison, who was the fourth president. John
Jay,  who helped America gain its
independence, and helped path a way to the constitution and was appointed as
the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And last but not least Alexander




Rome and America’s government.


The government that
the early Roman state used was the form of having a leader or two consuls
(that’s what they called back in the day), these two consuls or leaders ran the
government and the country and military. Then they had the senators who helped
or assisted in the ruling of the consuls and had to see weather or not what the
consuls I’d was good for them or not. Then the Romans had the tribunes who are
the people of the government who spoke for the poor people of Rome. The
tribunes could also protect the poor from the Senate if they are taking
advantage of the poor people.  How is the
American government Ike this? The American government is similar to this
because we practically took it from them. The only way its different is that we
only have one president or consul. Then we have the Senate, and then the house
of Representatives.




The Supreme Court


We also copied the
way they handled law breakers or trials, in a court or in front of a judge or
judge.  The Roman Supreme Court or
Praetors as the early Romans liked to call them, acted as necessary on the
punishments of the people who broke the laws. The reason this sounds familiar
is because we use the exact same system of a court as they did. The only
difference in there is that today in America we have 9 justices. Did you know
that there was never originally nine judges in the Supreme Court unit 1837. The
original number of justices in the beginning was 6. But later changed to 7 then
to 9,and then to 10 but went. Back down to 9 after that.


Twelve tables and the amendments and Constitution.



The Roman government
created a written code of law called the twelve tables, these 12 tables that
they used were and are very similar to our modern day constitution.  Did you know that one of the 12 tables, to be
exact table 4, states that ” if a child is born deformed he shall be killed.”
What kind of cruelty is that? And table 10 states that ” A woman is not to cry
or wear at a funeral.”


Way of voting. 



The way the Americans
and Roman voted on things is actually very very similar. The early romans could
vote for taxes to be passed or for the laws that are written to be written.
That is similar with the United States votes for things. But once the people of
America vote it has to go through the government and all that.





Although the Romans
included Judaism in along with christianity we still have a pretty similar
system today. The Romans of that time had said that all other gods are said to
be forbidden by christianity. As in today’s christianity. We also only worship
our one and only true god. And today’s Religion of the United States is
overflowing with culture.




The Roman economy in
Rome was based on agriculture and trade. And in America’s economy around
Minnesota it is based on agriculture and trade.



Way of life


The way of life for
the Romans is quite the same as the way of like in the United States.  They wealthier the Romans were the amount of
more nice things they got and the higher the reputation of them. It is the same
way, if you have a lot of money in America you will have nice things and will
have achieved a good reputation and status.




The wars of Rome were
sort of similar in a way to the wars of America. The Civil wars of Rome were
like the Civil War of America although they didn’t fight for slaves they fought
for land control and status. The Punic wars of Rome are kind of like the World
Wars of America and others. They both were fighting for land masses. And
fighting, vowing for revenge.





The Romans houses
were similar to the houses of America. The wealthy got their big beautiful
houses while the poor people or the middle classes got their average house or
small shack depending on how wealthy you are. They also had apartment like
buildings like the Aimee ones we have in America.



How they gained independence



The way the Romans
gained their independence is very similar to the war America gained their
independence. The Romans defeated the Etruscans of Italy and named the
territory Rome. This was very similar to America. The way America gained its
independence from Britain is a war. They fought the British from the sea and
from land. And they both one those wars too!!!