Role and a leader. 3. Decisional role: A library

Role of library Professionals:

in ancient times were considered as mere depository of books and other
documents and the librarian was thought as the custodian of these documents.
With the passing of time and the rapid developments in information technology,
the new ways of communication have taken effect, and the ways in which
information was previously handled, stored and disseminated have been altered.

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We can
think of three important roles for a library manager.


Library manager has to perform a set of managerial roles. He acts as a knowledge
manager, content manager and consortia manager. Managerial activity may be
divided into three groups:

1.      Inter-personal

manager represents his organization with outsiders. He performs the role of
figure head. He has to communicate with his subordinates, motivate them and
activates them to work in pursuit of desired objectives.

2.      Informational

library manager contacts with the outside world and his leadership position
make him a focal point of information. He functions as disseminator as well as
monitor. He acts as a liaison man and a leader.

3.      Decisional

A library
manager occupies a central point in his organization because of his unique
position and authority.

Four decisional
roles of a library manager

Ø  Entrepreneur’s role by initiating change and
taking the risk that is involved in introducing change.

Ø  He has to assume the role of a discerning
handler by taking charge whenever his organisation is threatened.

Ø  He performs the role of an allocator of resources
when he decides how and where his organization will expand its efforts and

Ø  He also performs the negotiator’s role on
behalf of the organization.


Librarian  as
a guide:

Library professionals should teach information discrimination through personalizes
research assistance, guidance and instruction.

User friendly approach:

Library and Information
Science professionals have to fulfill the needs of its user. This approach
helps in achieving and providing satisfaction to its users.

ü  Enhancing
the quality of service:

quality of services must meet the user’s expectations. Quick and prompt
services, proper shelf guides can help the users to reach to their desired
materials at the right time and saves the time of the user.

achieve the functions and objectives of a library, a librarian or director of
library has to undertake the following functions with 100% efforts and



3. Staffing

Direction and Leading




Dr. S R
Ranganathan-The father of Library and Information science in India stated that
“Librarianship is a noble profession. A librarian derives his joy by seeing the
dawn of joy in the face of readers, helped by him to find the right book at the
right time”.  The new era librarian will
become the guardian of digital information and will be the vehicle to preserve
democratic access to information. New era librarians add values and can make libraries
truly useful and user friendly. Library and Information Centers are service
institutions and it is need to provide quality products and services for its
customers with introducing innovative practices.