Robert depth without an illusion. Delaunay tried many different

Robert Delaunay


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by Isaac Sebastian
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“Light in nature
creates movement in color. The movement is provided by the relationships of
uneven measures, of colors contrasts among themselves and constitutes

Robert Delaunay




Robert Delaunay’s paintings were colourful and different by
mixing twentieth century artistic styles. Some of his most famous works were centred
on the world of Belle Époque Paris where he and his wife started the Orphism
movement.  He had a vibrant colour style
which was in line with modern life and technology at the time.


Robert Delaunay was influenced by the style of Neo
Impressionism and various other painting techniques. In his first paintings, he
created pictures by using squares of colour that looked like a mosaic. He usually
left areas of the painting blank to create a sense of space or movement.


As his style changed Robert Delaunay developed hid squares
into more complex geometric shapes. He changed the way both solid and background
images were changed much like Cubism we know today. These pictures were known
for their sense of movement and celebration of unburn life particularly in


Robert Delaunay showed colour as a material form and its
great expressive power. He was especial stunned by how the interaction of
colours could create a sense of movement and depth without an illusion. Delaunay
tried many different styles and he never liked one of them so he turned to completely
to abstraction.


His work



L’Homme à la tulipe

This portrait is part of an enormous
series of when Robert and his close friend Metzinger during the summer
of 1906 and many have been lost. This painting shows the influence of Neo impressionism
on the colours that Robert used this painting was also influenced by artists such
as Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet. All the colours are next to each other not
mixing however still creating a sense of movement in my opinion. This is a non-naturalistic
piece of work I personally think it is abstracted.




Saint Severin

This painting
is the first major painting created by Delaunay in 1909. Robert was focusing on
a well-known Parisian church or Cathedral. He has done this similar painting
multiple times from the same perspective and hr tried to capture the effect of
the changing lights. Robert restricted himself to the early styles of Picasso.

The result is a modern cathedral painting. In my opinion, I think that this is
a great painting.















Eiffel Tower

This was Roberts first attempt at painting the Eiffel tower in
1909 to celebrate his engagement to Sonia Terk. He went on to make about 15 different
versions of the Eiffel tower The painting that he made were a major motif for
artists in their important role in the technological development in the beginning
of the 20th century.

This piece of art is completely abstracted. I think that this a great colour
contrast and very expressive.     













I think that Robert is a great abstract artist and moat of
his paintings are flamboyant and are expressive it is very clear for us to see the
message trying to get across and I think he is an amazing artist.