rince2 How much time will it take? What are

rince2 (Project In Controlled Environment) describes project management techniques that help organizations gain a point of support in the business world, help manage control and minimize project risk. It was originally developed by CCTA (Central Laptop and Telecommunications Agency) in Great Britain. Initially, a British government that uses this technique for IT projects. Then it turned out that it is useful both in the private and public sectors in project management. When we tend to develop and design, do so many basic questions that come to mind when we tend to take a picture? When do we tend to start? What do we need? Can we only have a tendency or need help? How much time will it take? What are the costs? All these basic questions should be known before the project starts. Prince2 has evolved to get rid of all these basic questions and to minimize the risk in the project. Prince2 consists of various processes, including activities required for the project, from running the project to closing the project. Before starting the project, be aware of the project that is needed for the project and estimate the project costs. My business case, business case is the most important basic technique and Prince2 procedure. A business case describes the organization, rationale, commitment and underlying causes of results. There are many different types of people and companies involved in Prince2. not some projects due to lack of coordination and misunderstanding and his team unskilled overcome all these aspects poor cost estimate, etc., we have PRINCE2 techniques that can be easily implanted in the project, and we can eliminate all this problem. Prince2 has a technique to dominate things that have control over the project, Prince2 is a project management method; helps to understand the key role in the project, but does not guarantee the success of the project as succesf project depends on many factors, such as the quality of people, budget, team members, etc., and can vary from business to company